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Below, you’ll find a continually updated list of all our latest automated packaging systems related press releases. Clicking any of the titles below will open up the full text of the press release in Adobe PDF format.

NJM Introduces New beltorque® High-Speed In-Line Capper
NJM Packaging introduces the redesigned beltorque® high-speed capper. Equipped with the new servo-driven, patent-pending cap elevator-feeder, which features adjustable cleats and indexes on demand, NJM has increased the speed of this continuous-motion capper by 50 percent. Now rivaling the high speeds of complex rotary cappers, the in-line beltorque caps up to 300 bottles per minute
NJM Packaging Introduces the Dara SFL Aseptic Syringe Filling and Plugging System
NJM Packaging introduces the Dara SFL Syringe Filling and Plugging machine, an aseptic filling and plugging system for syringes or vials in a nest or tray. Dara can equip the modular Dara SFL with an isolation barrier or restricted access barrier (RAB) and a peristaltic pump or valve-less rotary piston pump, to meet the needs of each customer, while promising quick delivery.
NJM Packaging Celebrates 100 Years of Outstanding Service
NJM Packaging announces the celebration of its 100th anniversary. Since introducing its first packaging machine in1915 and becoming a founding member of PMMI in 1933, NJM has been establishing its leadership position, expanding its product offering and building an outstanding reputation based on innovative and reliable equipment and unparalleled customer service.
NJM Introduces the TE-20 Tablet Elevator
NJM Packaging introduces the all new TE-20 tablet elevator, which is ideal for tablets, capsules and softgels. The TE-20 automatically elevates and feeds bulk product to a tablet counter or blister packaging machine.
NJM Introduces the NEW UNISORT 32 Unscrambler
NJM Packaging introduces the new compact UNISORT 32 Unscrambler for bottles ideal for pharmaceutical, nutraceutical manufactureres, food processors and contract packers.
NJM Packaging Introduces Model 126 TROTTER W Labeler
The all new Model 126 TROTTER W is a pressure sensitive labeler designed to label up to 150 cpm. This machine is dedicatged to wrap-around laeling of round continers, has a smaller footprint and fewer moving parts.
NJM Packaging Introduces Model 326 AUTOCOLT IV Labeler
This fifth-generation AUTOCOLT labels square, rectangular and round bottles at speeds up to 300 containers per minute. The 326 AUTOCOLT IV achieves accurate, high-speed labeling while offering the ultimate in versatility.
NJM Packaging Introduces Model 402 Print & Apply Labeler
The new Model 402 Final Touch™ Print & Apply Labeler succeeding NJM’s popular, field-proven Model 400, the new 402 offers a more simple operation with fewer moving parts, a smaller footprint and an affordable price point while maintaining the rugged reliability that characterizes NJM’s family of labelers. The 402 reduces maintenance and eases installation while maximizing production versatility and minimizing the total cost of ownership.
NJM Packaging Introduces the Cremer CFS-622
NJM Packaging introduces the Cremer CFS-622 Tablet Counter. This versatile servo driven counting and filling system features a modular design that accommodates up to four counting modules to fill up to 170 bottles per minute (bpm), based on 60-count bottles. It handles almost any size tablet, capsule or softgel and fills almost any bottle while achieving 100 percent counting accuracy at unprecedented speeds.
NJM Packaging Introduces New Blog Titled: Not Just Machines
NJM Packaging has introduced a blog available from our web site at We have named our new blog Not Just Machines because we know that what we have to offer the packaging industry is, well, not just machines.
NJM Packaging Introduces Cremer CF-622 FS Tablet Counter
NJM Packaging will exhibit the new Cremer CF-622 FS Tablet Counter for the first time at Pack Expo. Featuring an all new concept in counting based on a modular design, servo driven and servo controlled vibrators and memory flaps.
NJM Packaging Introduces the Expanded AUTOSERT™ Family of Hot Melt Glue Applicators
NJM Packaging introduces the expanded AUTOSERT™ family, the next-generation hot melt glue outsert applicators, which can be configured to apply side-serts or top-serts.
NJM Packaging Introduces Model 426 AUTOCOLT Labeler
NJM Packaging introduces the Model 426 AUTOCOLT labeler, which will be unveiled at Pack Expo 2012. This new high speed in-line pressure sensitive labeler is ideal for solid dose pharmaceuticals.
NJM Packaging Launches New Website
NJM Packaging announced today the launch of their all new website: The website incorporates a new corporate branding, updated product information, a new NJM Packaging YOUTUBE video channel, a French version of the site and a Spanish Landing page.
NJM/CLI Changes Company Name to NJM Packaging
NJM/CLI announced today that it has changed its company name to NJM Packaging. The goal of the change is to simplify the name while better reflecting the company’s focus on providing products and services to the packaging industry.
NJM Packaging Introduces the Acquisition of Jalbert Automation
NJM Packaging has been the proven packaging systems resource, unmatched for the innovation and quality of our equipment manufacturing, solid dose solutions, expertise in labeling, complete line integration, and truly exceptional support announced that they have acquired a significant interest in the Company of Jalbert Automation.
NJM/CLI Introduces the Model 277 AUTOSERT™ Outsert Applicator
NJM/CLI introduces the new Model 277 AUTOSERT Outsert Applicator designed to comply with the new industry standards resulting in thicker outserts.
NJM/CLI Introduces the All New Unisort Model 30 Unscrambler
NJM/CLI announced the all new UNISORT Model 30 Unscrambler to be exhibited at the Pack Expo Las Vegas Show in September. The UNISORT features a compact footprint, with sorting vertical elevator for easy integration into tight production areas.
NJM/CLI Introduces the All New Cremer CF-622 Tablet Counter
NJM/CLI introduces the all new Cremer CF-622 Tablet Counter based on a modular design, servo driven and controlled vibrators and memory flaps to meet the Pharmaceutical industry needs for high efficiency, high output and very reliable tablet counting.
NJM/CLI Appointed Exclusive North American Sales Agent for Dara Pharmaceutical Packaging
NJM/CLI announced that they have been appointed the exclusive sales agent in North America for Dara Pharmaceutical Packaging in North America providing extensive lines of high quality liquid filling and closing equipment for the pharmaceutical, biotech and cosmetic products.
NJM/CLI Introduces the Model 126 Trotter Labeler
NJM/CLI introduces the Model 126 Trotter Labeler which is designed for the entry level market for contract packagers. This pressure sensitive labeler will run up to 120 bottles per minute.
NJM/CLI Introduces New beltorque™ Automatic In-Line Capper
NJM/CLI introduces the new beltorque™ Automatic In-Line Capper. Unlike traditional cappers that use discs or spindles to tighten caps, the patent-pending beltorque Capper uses belts to tighten caps.
NJM/CLI Introduces the Model 326 Auto-Colt III Trunnion Labeler
NJM/CLI introduces the Model 326III Trunnion Labeler designed small pharmaceutical and ophthalmic containers. This vial labeler features a servo-driven feedscrew and trunnion roll system for positive container handling and servo-driven label dispenser and applicator.
NJM/CLI Introduces e-Pedigree Serialization Solutions
NJM/CLI introduces a new integrated packaging line that complies with electronic pedigree serialization and track-and-trace initiatives for regulated pharmaceuticals. This packaging line helps pharmaceutical manufacturers reduce counterfeiting and assure patient safety while improving inventory management.
NJM/CLI Introduces New Model 130 Bronco Pressure Sensitive Labeler
NJM/CLI introduces the new Model 130 Bronco, a pressure sensitive labeler that handles up to 200 bottles per minute. With synchronized servomotors and robust components, the labeler offers superior label placement accuracy, equipment reliability.
NJM/CLI Introduces Enhanced Model 401X Pallet Labeler
NJM/CLI introduces the enhanced Model 401X Print & Apply Pallet Labeler, which can be configured for optional RFID pallet tagging as well as standard corner, side and multi-panel print & apply labeling. Ideal for pallets as well as barrels, tires and other large products.