NJM Demonstrates Dara Vial Filler and Closing Machine at Pharma Expo in Las Vegas

NJM Packaging has always been on the cutting edge of pharmaceutical packaging technology, and with the Dara SX-300-Lyo, we’re sealing up our top spot.  We’ll be at Pack Expo Las Vegas/Pharma Expo demonstrating the Dara SX-300-Lyo, an aseptic filling and stoppering machine ideal for filling vials with lyophilized products, a must in the biotech industry.Dara Pharmaceuticals of Barcelona, Spain, can equip your system with stainless steel or ceramic rotary piston pumps or single-use tubing peristaltic pumps. The Dara SX-300-Lyo features fully servo-driven automation and a compact footprint, and it is a low,-maintenance machine with fast and easy changeovers. It accurately fills and precisely inserts stoppers into glass or plastic vials, and it is simple to set up new vial sizes with volumes from 1ml to 100ml, without requiring tools. Customers have found this ideal for suspensions, vaccines, and cellular tissue.Dara SX-300-lyo Vial Filler

The SX-300-Lyo is very versatile and can be configured with up to eight filling heads, one or two stoppering stations, and up to four rotary piston pumps or six peristaltic pumps. This can result in throughputs of up to 7200 vials per hour. It can also be equipped with a laminar air flow, isolation barrier, or restricted access barrier for sterile or clean room applications. There’s also a clean-in-place system, sterilize-in-place system, and gas flushing to offer more options to our biotech customers.  The versatility of the SX-300-Lyo lets you fill vials in a number of ways: with nozzles lowered to the bottom of the vials, halfway up, or from above, depending on the needs of each product. Inspection stations detect the fill levels, missing stoppers, and raised stoppers and trigger automatic rejects.

Read the full press release for the Dara SX-300-lyo here.  To  get the full experience, visit NJM Packaging's Pharma Expo Booth in Las Vegas, September 28th - 30th.  We will be demonstrating the Dara SX-300-lyo in Booth #N-538.  Register for free by clicking here.


NJM Packaging is the exclusive sales agent for Dara Pharmaceuticals in the USA and Canada.  To read more about Dara, click here.

Redesigned Beltorque® High-Speed In-line Capper to Debut at Pack Expo Las Vegas/Pharma Expo

Just when we thought the beltorque® high-speed capper couldn’t get any better, we’ve improved our favorite continuous motion capper – and can’t wait for you to see it at Pack Expo Las Vegas/Pharma Expo. The improved beltorque®  features a new servo-driven, patent-pending cap elevator-feeder with adjustable cleats and indexes on demand. For your pharmaceutical packaging needs, this means a 50 percent speed increase, capping up to 300 bottles per minute.

The beltorque’s improvements make it a viable replacement for complex rotary cappers, particularly since the simple mechanics of the packaging machine mean fast changeovers and low maintenance. Ideal for pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, cosmetics, personal care products, and foods and beverages, this two-station capper uses two pairs of belts to gently rotate and tighten caps, which eliminates damage to the cap knurling and cap finish. At the same time, the beltorque® also minimizes slippage, preventing leaks and reducing the rework required when out-of-tolerance rejects are sent back.

Use any kind of bottle: round, oval, square, rectangular, made of plastic or glass, from 2 to 12 inches tall and .5 to 7 inches in diameter for plastic caps or up to 4.75 inches in diameter for metal caps. The beltorque®  can handle it, orienting and placing challenging flip-top screw caps for pharmaceuticals, sealing bottles with gear-shaped caps and rubberized arthritis grip caps. The cap’s surface won’t be damaged.


beltorqe® high speed capper

Beltorque® High Speed Capper with Indexing Elevator



If you’re working with a new cap design, NJM Packaging also helps speed up the process to get new products to market. We can manufacture the tooling you need for your beltorque®  quickly.  For each optional feature, the torque reader and the cap inspection station, we can equip your new beltorque® with a centrifugal bowl for tall caps or an elevator feeder.

In addition to the reduced cost of maintenance, thanks to the simple machinery, the servo-driven elevator-feeder reduces compressed air use by 50 percent, reducing energy costs. Everything about the redesigned beltorque® makes it easier and faster to seal pharmaceutical packaging, consumer goods, and more.  The full press release can be read here.

We’ve uploaded a short video you can view by clicking the above picture, but to get the full experience, visit NJM Packaging, Booth #C-2614 at Pack Expo Las Vegas/Pharma Expo September 28-30 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, where we will be demonstrating this top of the line capper.


Click the Pack Expo/Pharma Expo Logo above for free registration.  See you there!

Mid-1990s Merger, New President Cement NJM’s Future

By 1996, grunge music was on the way out, and fresh-faced boy bands were replacing flannel-clad rockers. Like Justin Timberlake hooking up with 'N Sync to break ground musically, NJM Packaging was teaming up with CLI to become the premier pharmaceutical packaging provider for the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

The merger between NJM Packaging and CLI meant that the new entity, NJM/CLI Packaging Systems Int’l, would be able to offer a full line of pharmaceutical packaging machines. Right out of the gate, customers were able to acquire tablet counters, cottoners, cappers, labelers, line integration, and project management.

Bob Schaefer was president of NJM/CLI Packaging Systems at the time. However, his untimely passing meant that a new president took the helm of the company. Our new President was Michel Lapierre, who has been leading the company since 1996, helping to cultivate and reward talent and exceed customer expectations.

As NJM celebrated its 100th birthday, Michel said, “One hundred years in business – wow – amazing! The only way to achieve this milestone is to deliver a great customer experience, respond quickly to the ever-changing and evolving customer needs, and offer the latest innovative solutions. This is why we are still serving some of the same customers 100 years later. This accomplishment is achieved with a great team of talented and motivated employees who are dedicated to exceeding customer expectations and are having fun doing it.”

NJM Lebanon 100 Year Celebration

         NJM Lebanon 100 Year Celebration

NJM Montreal 100 Year Celebration

  NJM Montreal 100 Year Celebration

And the dedication of employees runs deep, as NJM recently held its 100-year celebration party in New Hampshire. Both current and past employees attended, and their combined service to the company totaled over 700 years.

The 1990s also meant an expansion into another industry – which we’ll cover next month. Until then, read more about our 100-year history.

Partnering with Cremer, Laid Foundation for Future Merger

Big hair and skinny jeans were all the rage while NJM Packaging continued to develop new pharmaceutical packaging products. The 1980s finished strong with a partnership resulting in new equipment, and the 1990s brought four new packaging machines and laid the groundwork for a future merger.

Two machines emerged from the early 1980s: The Strip-Stik, patented in 1983, for pre-folded literature, and the punch hole verification system to prevent the wrong label from being applied to products, patented in 1982. The first Strip-Stik was sold to Pfizer, Inc. in Brooklyn in 1981. Ahead of its time, NJM’s pharmaceutical packaging machines were ready for the ePedigree Serialization/Track & Trace that has already been in effect in California since January 1.  This Serialization process will become law nationwide by January 2016.

Meanwhile, Charles Lapierre (CLI), which would merge with NJM in the 1990s, ended the 1980s on a high note with its 1987 partnership with Netherlands-based Cremer. The Cremer Tablet Counter Partnership resulted in the Model 1230, 12-track tablet counting machine for solid dose packaging. The first tablet counting machine in an integrated packaging line was sold to Jamieson Laboratories in Ontario, Canada. This partnership would be an important part of the merger to come.

The 1990s also brought three new pharmaceutical labeling machines into the NJM fold:

  • 1990 introduced the Pegasus PS labeler, a continuous motion labeler runing over 400 cpm
  • 1991 debuted the stepper motor-driven Model 326 AutoColt II labeler
  • 1993 brought the Model 334 Charger, which offers a wide range of configurations for multiple needs.

Pegasus continuous motion pharmaceutical labeler

                  Model 328 Pegasus Labeler

In 1993, ownership of NJM changed hands when the Swiss company SIG sold NJM to Schaefer & Associates. NJM also expanded its Lebanon, NH manufacturing plant, with building additions in 1978 and 1985. In addition to these expansions, NJM was laying the groundwork for a very big merger that would offer its pharmaceutical industry customers a new 12-track tablet counting machine.

NJM continued to place value on its employees. The dedication of its people powered its success, and many employees enjoyed long tenures at NJM, helping to improve its products and create a great work environment. Past President Linc Jepson is quoted as saying: “NJM Packaging is where it is today because we listened to what the customers wanted and needed. We created it and supported it with the best employees and service technicians in the industry. We are not stopping now!”

Until next month, read more about our 100-Year history.

NJM Service Technician Blair Gilchrist comes through again -- over the phone

NJM Packaging’s Cremer CF-1220D Tablet Counter has been the standard at high-speed pharmaceutical packaging operations across the country.  Like any piece of machinery, it can act up. Luckily, NJM Packaging service technicians are only a phone call away. These dedicated professionals see their mission as not only installing new equipment like labelers, cappers, tablet counters, etc., but also helping to support their customers once the equipment is installed in the field. Blair Gilchrist, an NJM Service Technician based in Ontario, Canada once again related a recent customer service success story.

One of NJM’s customers, a generic pharmaceutical company, has packaging facilities all over the world. Its Midwestern facility features one bottle packaging line which runs a large variety of formats at various speeds. The line also features a CL-110 Cottoner and a UNICAP 150 Capper from NJM.

According to Gilchrist, “The customer reported that occasional ‘Channel Defect 12’ and ‘Comm Defect Errors’ were occurring on the tablet counter.”

“I spoke to the afternoon shift electrician and suggested he check the voltage in the Detection Unit, as this is the most common cause of this issue,” he explained.  “He gave me his email address and I forwarded him the procedure to verify the correct voltage was present. He called me back and confirmed my suspicion that the voltage was slightly low, 4.8 VDC.”

“I explained to him how to adjust the power supply to increase the voltage to 5.3 VDC. He adjusted the power supply and said that the fault cleared. I sent him an email two days later to confirm that the machine was running well. He responded later that day and confirmed that the error did not re-occur.”

“He asked me for the part number for the Power Supply and he was going to order it from our Parts Department for a spare,” Gilchrist concluded.  Better safe than sorry!

For service on NJM Packaging machines:

Call our Service Department at:  (514) 337-2289

Dara Pharma Exhibits BioTech Equipment in Germany

Dara Pharma will be exhibiting at Achema 2015, Hall 3.0, Stand B13, from June 15-19 in Frankfurt, Germany.  Dara Pharmaceutical is a leader in equipment manufacturing in the biopharmaceutical industry.  A compact modular solution for aseptic and aseptic-toxic filling will be exhibited by Dara at this Show.  The Moduline™ is designed in compliance with the cGMP requirements and in special compliance with the requirements of the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.  The main characteristics of the Moduline™ Aseptic Filling Line Inside Isolator are:

  • Compact and modular design
  • Good ergonomics and easy access through a single front window with automatic opening and closing
  • Same isolator design to process vials, bottles, syringes, and cartridges
  • Suitable for "Ready to Use" materials  supplied in nest and tub, or materials supplied in bulk
  • For aseptic and aseptic-toxic products.  Operation under positive or negative pressure
  • Easy and safe HEPA filters replacement from the front side
  • One single isolator construction shell which surrounds filling machine frame with a continuous jointless base.
  • Ideal for small scale clinical trials as well as s for mass production
  • Cost effective and optimized delivery time

This compact solution for aseptic packaging uses the same isolator design to process vials, bottles, syringes and cartridges.  It operates under positive or negative pressure, has a single HMI with integrated SCADA system and monitors air velocity, differential pressure, relative humidity.  To read more,  Click Here.

Dara Modular Aseptic Filling

Dara Pharma Moduline™ Aseptic Filling Line Inside Isolator

NJM Packaging is the exclusive sales and service representative for Dara equipment in the USA and Canada.  We also have a dedicated, full-time North American service technician to install and service all Dara equipment.  To see other offerings by Dara, visit NJM's equipment offerings at their site by clicking here   NJM Packaging.

NJM Introduces the Mustang® Cold Glue Labeler and AutoColt II

While Saturday Night Fever was winning a Grammy for album of the year 1979, NJM introduced two major packaging machinery releases, two major building expansions, and ended an eight-year time period with a strategic partnership.

The Model 315 Mustang® Labeler  was introduced in 1979 as the most successful cold glue labeler offered by NJM Packaging and the forerunner to the Mustang® LFB, which was designed for wine industry labeling and helped expand NJM beyond pharmaceutical packaging and strengthen its position in the food and beverage industry. This machine also laid the way for the Mustang II, a powerhouse compact cold glue labeler that is still sold today. NJM is still selling parts to hundreds of customers that use the Mustang® for their packaging needs.

In the early 1990s, NJM took the very popular 315 Mustang Labeler that had been serving the food and beverage industry and designed a special front and back (LFB) version to label wine bottles. The 315LFB Mustang was sold to many famous vineyards in the Napa valley and Sonoma County regions of California. The machines were even used by bottling companies who would drive a tractor-trailer truck from vineyard to vineyard to bottle the wines at the vineyards so they could be labeled “estate bottled.” NJM offers refurbishing of the Model 315, as well as rebuilds to customers that want to maintain the cold glue labeling process.

NJM Model 315 Mustang Labeler

NJM Cold Glue Mustang Labeler

NJM didn't stop with just one technology innovation. In the early 1980s, NJM also introduced the AutoColt, a lower-cost pressure sensitive labeler designed for non-pharmaceutical companies. That evolved into the AutoColt II pressure sensitive labelers ideal for pharmaceutical packaging. The first AutoColt II was sold to Sherman Labs in 1984 and used for labeling contact lens solutions. Both were engineered to ensure less wear parts on the dispensers.  As the year of "Not Just Machine Blogs" progress, you will learn more about NJM engineering many different generations of this work horse labeler.  The most recent is the Model 326 AUTOCOLT IV Labeler, which is in the 5th generation offering continued versatility, as well as servo-driven labeling.

Model 326 AutoColt II

NJM Model 326 AutoColt II

Next month, we’ll head into the 1990s with a significant merger and industry expansion. But for now, NJM is crediting its success to its talent. “The only way a company can succeed for 100 years is if it has long term dedicated employees.  The most impressive thing to me is the number of people who have spent 20, 30, 40 even 50 years contributing to the success of NJM.  That is the foundation for a Century of Packaging Expertise,” said Jim Moretti, General Manager in Lebanon, NH, who began his career at NJM in 1987, as a Controller in Fairfield, N.J.

Until next month, read more about our 100 Year History.

Optel Vision Launches the "CountSafe™" with Automatic Ejection with the help of NJM

The team from NJM Packaging is currently in New York, participating in the International Pharmaceutical Expo (Interphex), the premier pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical trade show of the year.

During our 100 years in the packaging industry, NJM has been a regular at Interphex due to our expertise in providing effective and efficient automated packaging solutions for the pharmaceutical industry. This year, we are presenting our followers with a special treat in our booth, #2353: The "CountSafe™."

optel vision countsafe with automatic ejection on cremer cfs-622 tablet counter

Click the above picture to see full video in action!

Demonstrated for the first time at Interphex NYC by Optel Vision, The CountSafe™ with Automatic Ejection for Electronic Counters features a two-axis linear robot that can be adapted and integrated to any Electronic Counter on the market. Combined with Optel Vision's CountSafe™ inspection system, the ejector is a tool-less device that can reject any kind of defect: wrong shape, wrong color, wrong size and broken product or rogue. Products get rejected through a vacuum system, which is attached to a closed bin that is equipped with a pre-separator collector and a HEPA filter, thus preventing any substance or dust to escape.

NJM has chosen to exhibit the CountSafe™ with Automatic Ejection on our Cremer CFS-622*4 tablet counter. The Model CFS-622*4 can accommodate up to four modules, depending on the required output. Because of its small footprint, it can be seamlessly integrated into any new or existing bottle packaging line.

If you're in NYC, and plan on attending Interphex 2015, we invite to stop by booth #2353, to check out the innovative vacuum ejector powers of the CountSafe™ with Automatic Ejection, combined with our versatile Cremer CFS-622*4. NJM's booth can be found right on the 'main 5th Avenue' in the Jacob Javits Convention Center.

For more on the CountSafe™ with Automatic Ejection, click to here to view video of the CountSafe™ system running.

NJM Builds New Plant as CLI Is Founded in Canada

While Beatlemania swept the U.S., a quieter revolution in pharmaceutical packaging was beginning to the north, and NJM Packaging was expanding its operations at home. From 1965 to 1978, NJM Packaging was laying the groundwork for international expansion and refining labeling technology that would efficiently and cost-effectively prevent labeling mistakes.

NJM Packaging started off this chapter in its history in 1965 by building its new plant in Lebanon, NH. This plant was not only larger and better able to manufacture new products but was also capable of using welding and sheet metal fabrication technologies to manufacture its pharmaceutical packaging machines.

This year also brought Linc Jepson into the fold. Linc Jepson would be the Eastern Field Manager and go on to become NJM Packaging’s President from 1987 to 2004.

To the north, Charles Lapierre started Auto-Pac Canada, later known as Charles Lapierre Inc. (CLI), in Montreal, Canada. Lapierre was president of CLI from 1965 to 1991. CLI would later merge with NJM Packaging to become the premiere packaging solution provider for North America.

Past Presidents of NJM Packaging

Past Presidents of NJM Packaging

NJM Packaging also moved full speed ahead with expanding its packaging machinery line. With the purchase of the Packer Machine company, NJM Packaging had now acquired the Paka line of liquid fillers. In 1966 and 1968, NJM Packaging’s acquisitions extended to the Apache Capping Machine line from Dietz Machine Works and vertical-form-fill-seal machines by acquiring Hercules Products, respectively. In 1973, NJM Packaging introduced its very popular Mustang® cold glue labeler, a workhorse of a machine that was the forerunner of many of its successful automatic labelers.

Meanwhile, in 1976, the pressure-sensitive labeling market was growing, and NJM Packaging rose to the occasion with the introduction of the original standalone dispenser, the Model 304 Premium Pressure Sensitive Labeling System. Pressure-sensitive labelers were cleaner and more versatile. The Model 304 could label a single side or front and back simultaneously; label flat objects with high speed and accuracy; and place wrap-around labels on vials or ampules at speeds up to 300 bpm.

NJM Packaging continued to manufacture the 304 as a standalone but purchased a conveyor system to make the pharmaceutical packaging fully automatic, naming the new labeler the Model 311 Pacesetter. This fully automatic labeler made it easier to dispense pressure-sensitive labels with no glue and fewer mechanical parts. The Model 331 Pacestepper was introduced next with a “stepper-driven dispenser” for pharmaceutical packaging and the eventual retirement of the 311 – for which NJM Packaging still sells parts.


 Model 311 Pacesetter Labeler

Joe Danyow was Parts Manager for the Lebanon, NH plant in the 1980s. Over his 30 year tenure at the company, currently as the Application Specialist – Labelers, he says, “...the need for ‘replacement parts’ was greatly reduced as new technology was developed.  The older technology in equipment required a machine that used more ‘moving parts’.  As the  stepper and servo motors were engineered into packaging equipment, the machines did not require as many mechanical replacement parts.  So less moving parts meant less parts to replace and not as many parts to wear out reducing costs to maintain machines.”

Next month, we dive into cold glue labeling for food and wine, building expansions, and even more new technology. Until then read more about our 100-year history.

NJM Exhibits Aseptic Syringe Filling and Plugging System

Interphex NYC is quickly approaching.  NJM is excited to exhibit new equipment and new systems in our Booth #2353.

We will be showcasing the Dara SFL Syringe Filling and Plugging machine, an aseptic filling and plugging system for syringes or vials in a nest or tray. Dara can equip the modular Dara SFL with an isolation barrier or restricted access barrier (RAB) and a peristaltic pump or valve-less rotary piston pump to meet the needs of each customer. With its servo motion controls and high-quality engineering, the Dara SFL offers consistently accurate filling and plunger insertion, fast and simple changeovers, low maintenance, and the flexibility to easily add new package and tray formats. Read more by clicking the link below:

Dara Aseptic Syringe & Vial Filling/Closing System

Dara Aseptic Syringe & Vial Filling/Closing System


Optel Vision will be presenting the all new CountSafe Ejector system on the Cremer CFS-622*4 Tablet Counter, showcasing it for the first time at the NJM Booth, #2353. Stop by to see it running live. Can't make the show? An all new video will be made available on NJM's YouTube channel following the event.

Have you registered to attend INTERPHEX 2015? If not, register for free today!