Kremers Urban – Small Town, Big Production

When the objective was clear to Kremers Urban Pharmaceuticals of  Seymour, IN ‘increase the production of certain pharmaceutical products’, the search began and ended at the doors of NJM Packaging.   NJM Packaging was thrilled to see that Kremers Urban not only chose NJM as their preferred integrated packaging supplier, but was also awarded:   PMT’s Runner-Up Line of the Year for this high speed line installed in Kremer’s plant.  It may be a small town in the Midwest, but there is nothing small about this Company or this line.

“Reputation, technology, high speed and equipment capability [made NJM the choice],” says Cognata.  “NJM’s stature of ‘always making it right’ was the other major selling point for us.”  After the due diligence as completed, quotes were issued for this line of 19 pieces of equipment, “In less than 48 hours, Kremers issued the purchase order”.    Read the article written by Sean Riley, Editor for PMT Magazine.  This article can be found in the January/February issue of this PMMI publication.

Kremers Urban Cover

Kremers Urban Cover

Kremers was awarded the 2013 Packaging Line of the Year Runner Up at the Pack Expo Vegas Show in September 2013.

Objectives were met…pure success!! Congratulations to Kremers Urban Pharmaceuticals!!