AUTOCOLT IV® Time-Lapse Video

If you were in Chicago last month at the Pharma Expo Show, you would have seen the famous 326 AUTOCOLT IV pressure sensitive labeler running a round bottle, while using the servo-orienting wrap belt to positon the bottle to apply an outsert on the open area with NJM’s AutoSert  placing the outsert on the round bottle.  The finished product is a sight; however, what you don’t get to see at a Show and while this workhorse runs on your manufacturing floor, is the machine being assembled over a 5 week period.  It is a pretty awesome to see this go from a base of a stainless steel to the finished product.  Take a look at the below ‘Time-Lapse Video’ of the machine being assembled in our Montreal plant earlier this year.

NJM - 326 AUTOCOLT IV labeler

                         Time-Lapse Video

This AUTOCOLT IV labeler ran a round bottle while using the servo orienting wrap belt.  We applied the label and orientated the container to apply the outsert in the open area.  This high speed, servo-driven in-line labeler competes in the market with complex rotary labelers, in speed and versatility, offering much faster and easier changeovers with fewer change parts, reduced maintenance, a smaller footprint and a lower capital cost.   The above machine was recently redesigned with some expert options to help you with your machine.  These options can be included on new labelers to expand production capabilities.  Some of the new options include an Oscillating Pressure Station increasing the speed of applying multi-panel labeling , a Vacuum Free Loop for continuous printing of variable data, a soft reject system for vials, color coded change parts and a linear feeder for outsert magazines.  NJM equips the AUTOCOLT IV with a wide variety of standardized modules and options to meet the needs of each application and customizes the labeler to each customer’s requirements.  Read more on these options.