NJM Pre-Owned Equipment

Thank you for your interest in NJM Packaging’s Pre-Owned Packaging Equipment. As a leading provider of packaging equipment solutions, we are pleased to offer the following refurbished pre-owned equipment.  All pricing is in US Currency!  


Model 334 - Left Hand Machine

Model 334 Charger (MU0001)


Reconditioned Right Hand Wrap Labeler

  • AB Servo Dispenser, feedscrew drive, rolling pressure station, reject station, Open Date 1000 HS Coder, AB SLC 5/03 PLC, PanelView 550 Interface
(Left hand machine)

Model 334 - Left Hand Machine

Model 334 Charger (MU0002)


Reconditioned Left Hand Labeler

  • AB Servo Dispenser, mechanical driven top belt, dual feedscrew drive, oscillating pressure station, reject system, Open Date 1000

(Right hand machine) 

Model 125 BRONCO (MU0001)


Left Hand Servo Dispenser Model 218

  • Siemens PLC, top belt, wrap around chain aligner, Allen Coder

Model 400 Print & Apply (MU0002)


Left Hand with Conveyor Final Touch thermal printer & label dispenser

NJM 326III AUTOCOLT w/ Fumex & Optel Vision Laser Coder (MU0006)


Inc. Model 318 Sideserter Tape

NJM 276 Carousel Outsert Feeder (MU0001)


Cappers & Retorquers


beltorque™ BT-RT Retorquer (MU0001)

Single Station with dual separating wheels, EZ lift tunnel guards


Miscellaneous Equipment

NJM Accumulation Surge Table 3' X 5' (MU0001)


King Accumulator Table (50" X 37.5") with
9' Conveyor (MU0001)


Palace Unscrambler (MU0002)


Print & Apply Conveyors (MU0001)

$4,000 each

Various 4 1/2" Raised Bed Conveyor Lengths

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