At NJM we strive to provide turnkey packaging lines for our customers. To that end, we provide an assortment of custom accessories and services that will help make your system a finished, tested and validated line from the very first shift. Browse below or give us a call to find out more about the ancillary equipment we can offer.

  • Accumulation Tables
    Accumulation Tables

    Our various accumulation (buffer) tables come in a range of sizes and types, including both bi-flow and circular, to meet the specific needs of each application for maximizing line productivity.

  • Conveyors

    Conveyors feature a raised bed design, stainless steel construction, and a 4 ½” Delrin table top chain. They are available in various lengths.

  • Electrical & Pneumatic Conduits
    Electrical & Pneumatic Conduits

    Stainless steel conduits house electrical power wires and pneumatic pipes with panel-mount female receptacles for each machine.

  • Inspection Systems
    Inspection Systems

    A range of available inspection systems automatically identifies and rejects defects from the packaging line to reduce re-work and assure final product quality meets specifications.

  • Model TE-20 Tablet Elevator
    Model TE-20 Tablet Elevator

    The Model TE-20 Tablet Elevator improves ergonomics for workers by allowing an operator to fill the tablet hopper at a comfortable height. The elevator then lifts a bucket to feed a tablet counter or blister machine.

  • Validation

    NJM Packaging’s validation support team is available to assist your in-house validation team with the development of comprehensive validation test protocols customized to your specific equipment, internal documentation format and functional requirements.

  • TEF Pharmaceutical Conveyor
    TEF Pharmaceutical Conveyor

    This solid dose packaging Tablet Entrapment Free (TEF) equipment is designed for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical manufacturers and contract packers handling tablets, softgels and capsules.