Solutions by Role

Roles within a customer’s organization can play a big part in the overall success of a project. NJM Packaging strives to work with the people in your Company that are targeted to work on your equipment development. They can be:


NJM Packaging works directly with the Purchasing person assigned in your organization to be sure your project criteria and all specs are being met.
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Whether you have a whole engineering staff or just one engineer, we will work with your staff on the “nuts and bolts” of your project. With our expertise in the packaging industry and solid in-house engineering, we can build customized equipment from standard assemblies.
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NJM Packaging works directly with Maintenance and Production people in your organization to be sure your project criteria are being met, and that your staff has been trained in operating, servicing and maintaining the new equipment.
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Our management team boasts many decades of experience in the packaging industry. We “speak the language” of your own management team, to ensure they are kept up-to-date on progress, and understand the overall scope of the project.
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