NJM Pre-Owned Equipment

Thank you for your interest in NJM Packaging’s Pre-Owned (Working Condition) Packaging Equipment. As a leading provider of packaging equipment solutions, we are pleased to offer the following refurbished pre-owned equipment. All pricing is in US Currency!


  • Model 334 Charger (MU0002)

    Model 334 Charger (MU0002)


    Left Hand Labeler AB Servo Dispenser, mechanical driven top belt, dual feedscrew drive, oscillating pressure station, reject system, Open Date 1000. Leasing Plan available.  Please…

  • Model 334 Charger (MU0001)

    Model 334 Charger (MU0001)


    Right Hand Wrap Labeler AB Servo Dispenser, feedscrew drive, rolling pressure station, reject station, Open Date HS Coder, AB SLC, PLC, PanelView 550 Interface.  Leasing…

Miscellaneous Equipment

Palace P2 Unscrambler (MU0002)


Print & Apply Conveyors – 12′  Wide X 8′ Long (MU0001)

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Curved Conveyors – 11′, 14′, 17′, 18′ and 19′ Long  (MS0001)

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Straight Conveyors – 5′, 15′ and 18′ Long (MS0003)

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Expendable Rolling Conveyor (MU0001)

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TE10 Bulk Tablet Elevator (MU0002)