NJM Machine Stock List

Thank you for your interest in NJM Packaging’s Stock Equipment. As a leading provider of packaging line equipment solutions, we are pleased to offer the following all new stock equipment covering many aspects of packaging applications.




Tablet Counters

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Tablet Counters

  • Cremer CF-1220D Double Tablet Counter (2) New


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Turn Table

Turn Tables

  • 48″ Inlet Turn Table [MS0001] (1) New
  • 12″ Motorized Transfer Table  [MS0002 & MS0003] (2) New

Miscellaneous Equipment

  • Belt Transfer 8″ [MS001] (1) New
  • UNISort 32 Unscrambler [MS0001] (1) New
  • Dual Supply Roll Stand Left Hand [MS002} (1) New