sept. 25, 2017

Providing more value for its customers and setting the vision for the future

CINCINNATI, OHIO (September 25, 2017) – Nearly 20 years ago, a handful of packaging companies came together to offer the world something new. Today, after growing into 26 best-in-class product brands, ProMach brings the entire organization together to offer even more value for its customers.

“The world has changed so much in the last two decades, and so have we. With new brands and capabilities being added to the ProMach family, a transformation has taken place. We’ve become something new, something remarkable,” says Mark Anderson, ProMach President and CEO. “The solutions we bring to the table today make us a premier player in the marketplace and we’ve set the bar very high in breadth of offering, in design innovation, in service, and in performance. It’s time to showcase our collective innovation and strength as a united organization. It’s time to show the world ProMach has become something greater: a comprehensive provider of complete packaging solutions, from line design to the end of the line, and beyond. It’s time to let the world know that ProMach is Performance, Packaged.”

ProMach recognized the need for a new, evolved message — one that could bring the entire global organization together and represent its evolution to customers and the entire industry in the best, and most easily understandable way. “That’s not just a product going down the packaging line, it’s our customer’s reputation,” says John Eklund, ProMach Vice President of Marketing. “We needed a new way for all of us to commit to the same level of performance, to see it, and own it. We’re not just selling machines, we’re delivering performance — so our customers don’t need WHYs and HOWs; they need their products packaged, carefully handled, and ready to ship. Without delays. Without defects. Without disappointing a consumer. The only thing that matters to our packaging customers is results, so by focusing on performance we can better help them protect the reputation they’ve worked so hard to earn with their consumers.”

ProMach is delivering on its promise of performance by adapting a true, no-walls approach to teambuilding. By letting innovation flow across every business line, across every experience, to every customer everywhere, ProMach is leveraging the knowledge of all its best-in-class product brands – letting them grow and interact without walls.

“When the walls come down, our people can simply focus on performance. And, when our people are focused on performance, our promises are kept and our customers’ expectations are exceeded,” says Anderson. “At ProMach, performance is what happens when all of our people and processes work as one.”

To symbolize where ProMach is today, the company created a new brand identity that complements its new chapter. While each of its 26 best-in-class product brands will retain its individual identity, the new corporate brand identity reflects how ProMach has consolidated its culture, and brought its talent and capabilities together into one powerful, world-spanning team.

“By aligning our brands and services into our new framework, we make it possible for ProMach to better serve our entire customer base and take on any challenger, anywhere. However, this process wasn’t simply a re-alignment or rebranding,” says Eklund. “This brand evolution enables us to now more clearly articulate and actively share our narrative with customers. We have a very compelling story, and we want customers to understand that ProMach is a truly integrated company that can deliver any kind of packaging solution – from a single machine to a turnkey line. No matter the customer need, we will be there every step of the way, proving time and time again that ProMach is Performance, Packaged.”

To see firsthand how ProMach is stronger together, visit booth C-3218 during PACK EXPO LAS VEGAS, from September 25 to 27, 2017, at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

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A propos de NJM

NJM est un guichet unique d’équipements d'emballage automatisés pour les industries pharmaceutique, nutraceutique, biopharmaceutique et de soins personnels. Établi il y a plus de 100 ans, NJM est à la fois un manufacturier d'équipements haut de gamme et un spécialiste en intégration de lignes complètes nécessitant une expertise de niche et de haut niveau. Nous assistons nos clients dès les premières étapes de planification et de conception de la ligne de production, jusqu'à son exploitation. Notre offre comprend tant des solutions autonomes que des systèmes intégrés clés en main pour les produits à dose liquide et solide. NJM est une marque ProMach, leader mondial des solutions de lignes de conditionnement. En tant que partenaire ProMach Pharma, NJM aide ses clients à protéger leur réputation et à accroître la confiance de leurs consommateurs. ProMach est synonyme de performance et la preuve se voit dans chaque emballage. Apprenez-en plus sur NJM au et sur ProMach au

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