Cremer Tablet Counter - CF-1220D

This high-speed tablet and capsule counter combines two 12-channel tablet counting heads over a dual-track conveyor on a single frame to double the throughput of the Cremer CF-1220 without doubling the floor space, achieving speeds up to 100 cpm based on 100-count bottles. At the infeed section, containers are divided from one stream onto the two tracks, and at the discharge the containers are directed into a single stream again.

High precision vibrators allow very accurate and repeatable product feeding. Robust construction means this unit will be accurate and reliable throughout its long service life. The Cremer CF-1220D comes with a 21CFR11-compliant touchscreen terminal for operation and control of the complete system from one operator panel. All product contact parts can be taken apart without tools. Options include verification sensors for container positioning.

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  • Standard Features

    • Bulk hopper with low level sensor
    • Dust collecting tubes
    • Discharge funnel with dipping nozzle
    • High-speed container indexing systems
    • Container reject system
    • Conveyor sensor to detect empty and full tracks
    • Pneumatic ‘memory flap’ unit
    • Infrared detection unit unaffected by dust
    • Touch screen terminal
    • Speeds up to 100 cpm based on 100-count bottles


    • Verification sensors for container positioning
    • Central dust collecting manifold
    • Nozzle blockage prevention sensor
    • Contact-parts cleaning dolly
    • Special vibrator plates for optimal separation of flat tablets and capsules
  • Related Industries

    • Nutraceuticals
    • Pharmaceuticals

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