Model BRONCO 130 Starwheel Labeler New

Model BRONCO 130 Starwheel pressure sensitive vial handling labeler is ideal for pharmaceutical, biotechnology and contract packaging industries.

The BRONCO 130 Starwheel is a servo driven wrap labeler with a starwheel indexing system. Each vial is held by a servo driven indexing starwheel system. The vials are indexed in position using a starwheel roller system in front of the wrap drum. The wrap drum then wraps the label around the vial, as the vial is held inside the starwheel roller system. When the label is fully wrapped onto the vial, the starwheel roller system indexes to allow the labeled vial to discharge and the next vial enters the infeed for labeling. Using this process, vials are held from their vertical side surface using rollers which results in minimal label skew.

The BRONCO 130 Starwheel is easy to run bringing heavy-duty pressure-sensitive labeling technology with advanced PLC and servo controls. Featuring an open-frame design, this servo-driven pressure-sensitive vial labeler handles round vials / bottles at speeds up to 150 cpm.

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  • Standard Features

    • Open-frame design
    • Stainless steel / anodized aluminum construction
    • PLC Controls
    • Recipe management
    • Servo driven wrap drum with starwheel indexing system
    • Compact design eliminating the need of an infeed separating device
    • Conveyor mounted accessories on slide mechanism
    • Tool-less removal of change parts for quick change over between different vial formats
    • Increased label skew control. While labeling, vials are held from their vertical side surface using rollers.
    • Swivel-mounted 6” color touchscreen HMI controls
    • Servo-driven label dispenser
    • Repeatable heavy-duty dispenser mount with digital adjustment
    • Variable dispensing speed up to 1,500” (38 meters) per min.
    • Speeds up to 150 cpm

    Available Options

    • Wrap-around labeling for round vials / bottles only
    • Clear label capability
    • Dual unwind motorized label feeding system
    • Label coding (hot stamping, laser, thermal transfer)
    • Inspection and reject systems
    • Validation package
  • Size of Labels

    • Length:
      1.25” (32 mm) to 6.38 (162 mm)
    • Height:
      .63” (16 mm) to 2.88” (73 mm) high (measured from bottom of bottle to top of label)
    • Roll Size:
      Max. 14” (355 mm) with 3” (76 mm) core diameter
    • Optional larger roll size available

    Bottle Range:

    • Diameter:
      .58” (14.75 mm) to 2” (52 mm) Diameter
    • Height: (shoulder height)
      1.18” (30 mm) to 5.5” (140 mm)

    Air & Electrical Requirements

    • Power requirement:
      208 VAC / 3 phase/ 60 Hz
    • Air requirement:
      80 psi / 2 scfm

    Overall Machine Measurements

    • Length:
      Base labeler 120” (305 cm)
    • Width:
      App. 60” (152 cm)
    • Height:
      83” (211 cm)
  • Related Industries:

    • Pharmaceutical
    • Biotechnology
    • Nutraceutical
    • Veterinary

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