Contract Packagers

Familiar with the unique set of challenges as a contract manufacturer, NJM Packaging works with contract packagers to ensure quick turnover, machine reliability, and low maintenance to stay in business. Helping contract manufacturers with a wide range of machinery that is robust, reliable, and versatile, NJM offers numerous pharmaceutical filling and capping systems.

As a leading packaging systems manufacturer with years of experience working around the globe, NJM provides contract packagers with quality packaging and labeling solutions. Strict health and sanitation standards are required to keep pharmaceutical products safe for use. To ensure that contract packagers are able to provide their client with all manufacturing needs, NJM offers unscrambling, packaging, and labeling solutions. From tablet counting and cottoning to capping and labeling, contract packagers can efficiently and effectively manufacture pharmaceuticals.

NJM Packaging is a full service provider of pharmaceutical, vitamin, and nutraceuticals for contract packaging providers. From packaging to labeling, inspection, and more, NJM offers versatile solutions using high quality, sanitary, and easy to use machinery. Providing solutions for blister packaging, bundlers, cartoners, cottoners, labelers, cappers and retorquers, and more, contract packages can fulfill contracts quickly.

Blister packaging machines are designed for contract packagers to use in the manufacturing process. This machinery takes pre-formed plastic with a cavity to pocket pharmaceuticals carefully and efficiently.

NJM Packaging provides retorquing, capping, and labeling machines for contract packagers in the pharmaceutical industry. To ensure consistency and precision, NJM offers in-line belt, in-line disc, and rotary continuous systems to suit any operation, including cap feeders, elevators, and chutes.

Part of this process includes cartoner systems. These machines are designed to erect, close, and fold side seam and seal cartons. Integrating these machines into a full packaging line, NJM finds the right cartoner for each unique project requirements.

Contract packagers in the pharmaceutical industry requires precision, efficiency, and high quality machinery. NJM Packaging ensures that solid dose pharmaceuticals are counted, packaged, and labeled quickly and effectively. To meet these requirements, NJM offers high speed machinery to count tablets, trace units, unscramble bottles, apply labels, cap bottles, case packages, and so much more.