NJM Packaging strives to work with the people in your company, whatever their roles may be. With our expertise in the packaging industry, we can build customized equipment from standard assemblies. This takes qualified engineers to develop the product that will work for your project.

Our qualified engineering team is trained in design, mechanical and electrical engineering. Our engineering staff, together with your assigned NJM Project Manager, manages the details of each part of your project to fulfill your requirements. Layouts for each piece of equipment are designed in AUTOCAD. All product specifications and drawings can be found for our equipment by going to our Product Pages.

NJM machines are unmatched for the innovation and quality of packaging machines. Our team has expert knowledge and experience from the earliest stages of planning through implementation and production. We possess a deep understanding of the entire production line, plus processes and logistics.

We can provide your company with:

  • Documentation
  • References
  • Complete Solutions
  • Intact Results

Trust NJM to package your most important products.