Nutraceutical Packaging

Providing the nutraceuticals industry with high quality, safe, and durable packaging and labeling solutions, NJM specializes in manufacturing packaging systems. Years of experience has led NJM Packaging to develop advanced technologies, proficiency, and a depth of knowledge in nutraceuticals products and requirements.

The nutraceuticals industry requires safe and sterile packaging and labeling solutions. NJM Packaging offers unscrambling, packaging, and labeling equipment for multivitamins, gummy bear vitamins, and other vitamins and minerals. With the ability to count and fill containers, these machines work at high speeds without sacrificing precision and accuracy.

When unscrambling, filling, and packaging products in the nutraceuticals industry, having a one-stop, full-service machine increases production, minimizes downtime, and allows for ease of use and maintenance. NJM Packaging serves the nutraceuticals industry with a wide range of solutions, including tablet counting, cottoning, capping, and labeling.

From bottle feeding and labeling to inspection and rejection capabilities, NJM offers complete line integration and support for the nutraceuticals industry. To ensure that vitamins and mineral products maintain the highest health and sanitation standards, NJM provides high quality, sterile machinery. These systems include cappers and retorquers, tablet counters, bundlers, cartoners, cottoners, labelers, and more.

Tablet counters from Cremer ensure accuracy with each application. These machines are designed to quickly and efficiently count vitamins and minerals, working at speeds ranging from 55cpm to 110cpm and 150bpm to 360bpm.

Cottoners are also available from NJM to easily incorporate into a wide range of packaging layouts. This machine features a simple yet precise operation system, a compact footprint, and a guillotine tearing device. The cottoners include a two-station cotton insertion to ensure that all multivitamins, minerals, and other nutraceutical products are properly packaged.

Bundler machines are designed to accumulate products in the nutraceuticals industry into a packable staging size and shrink wrap products for the secondary packaging line. NJM Packaging ensures that the proper bundle is integrated for each specific product requirement.

All of the filling and capping machines are designed with the nutraceuticals industry in mind. With years of experience working with nutraceuticals packagers, NJM understands the strict health requirements and sanitation standards. NJM provides numerous capping and retorquing machines to ensure that every vitamin and mineral is packaged with precision.

In addition to cappers, NJM supplies retorquers as in-line belt or in-line disc type, to reapply the cap to the proper torque after induction sealing. Features on these systems include innovative technology to reapply cap torque without cap scuffing, versatility, quick and easy changeover, and maximum flexibility.

Following strict safety standards is crucial for packaging nutraceuticals. NJM understands the importance of precisely counting, packaging, and labeling products in the nutraceuticals industry. NJM Packaging supplies packaging and labeling solutions, ranging from unscrambling machines to case packaging, and much more. As a one-stop-shop, NJM provides integrated solutions for all packaging needs in the nutraceuticals industry.