Liquid Filling & Closing Systems

Fluid Concepts

Liquid filling and closing systems from our partner, Dara Pharmaceutical Packaging, are designed for the specific needs of pharmaceutical and biotech packagers. Rugged construction, high-quality components, and innovative design will make them a trusted part of your pharmaceutical packaging  operation, whether you process vials, sprays, syringes or ROPP caps. Learn More

  • Single-Use Syringes: Processed Individually
    Single-Use Syringes: Processed Individually

    Ready-to-use disposable syringe filling and closing equipment provides security, hygiene and dosing accuracy for medical injections.

  • Cartridges

    Manufactured cartridge filling and closing machines for processing of glass or plastic cartridges, for injectable products in sterile applications.

  • Vials

    Filling and closing machines for vials to process liquid, semi-solid products, and powder in sterile conditions.

  • Microtubes

    The equipment we present is a compact filling and closing machine for automatic processing of plastic microtubes, for liquids or semi-solids.

  • Bottles

    Washing, sterilizing, filling, and closing machines for bottles to process liquid, semi-solid products, and powder in sterile conditions.

  • Nested Syringes, Cartridges & Vials
    Nested Syringes, Cartridges & Vials

    Ready-to-use disposable syringes provide security, hygiene and dosing accuracy for medical injections.

  • Washers & Tunnels
    Washers & Tunnels

    Dara offers a wide range of sterilizing and depyrogenation equipment for continuing processing of glass containers such as vials, cartridges and syringes.

  • Moduline™

    The Moduline™ is a new concept in aseptic filling line inside an isolator. It is a compact, modular and standard isolator of a single design to process either vials, bottles, syringes or cartridges, for automatic filling of any liquid or powder in sterile conditions.

  • Multiple Products
    Multiple Products

    Dara manufactures fully automated machines into one integrated line.

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Dara Pharmaceutical Packaging offers innovative liquid filling machines and closing solutions specifically designed for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. NJM is the exclusive sales agent for Dara in the USA and Canada. Click here for more info on Dara Pharmaceutical.