BRONCO® 130 TE Pressure Sensitive, Tamper Evident Carton Labeler

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The BRONCO® 130 TE pressure sensitive tamper evident carton labeler is an open-frame, servo driven machine handling a wide range of cartons and labels at speeds up to 200 cartons per minute.

The machine is designed for tamper evident seal labeling of straight and reverse tuck cartons. The servo-driven overhead belt transfers cartons from the cartoner to the labeler’s infeed. This machine can be integrated with a single or dual label dispensers.


  • Length: Min. 3.5" (90mm), Max. 7" (178mm)
  • Width: Min. 1" (25mm), Max. 7" (178mm)
  • Height: Min. 0.625" (16mm), Max. 10" (254mm)

Pressure Sensitive Labels

  • Height: Min. 0.75" (19mm), Max. 7" (178mm)
  • Length: Min. 0.75" (19mm), Max. 7" (178mm)


  • Up to 200 units per minute


  • Specifications subject to change depending on equipment configuration