Pharma Complete Lines & Pharma Turnkey Solutions

The ongoing evolution of medication and creation of new drugs, as well as a proliferation of dosage techniques, has led the pharmaceutical industry to invest in complex but reliable production lines, with the main purpose being the capable adaption to different and specific needs.

With pharmaceutical machine manufacturers developing and manufacturing complex and customized equipment, the integration of complete lines has become increasingly sophisticated.

For this, Dara Pharma includes each one of its aseptic packaging machines in its complete line portfolio, offering the client the required equipment for each step in the processing of vials, syringes, cartridges or bottles. We also provide integration and validation services for the turn-key solution.

Dara Pharma also installs a line-wide monitoring system, ensuring that all equipment uses the same software and data collecting framework.

A more efficient use of the equipment is achievable through the customization of the controls and the software architecture and its adaption to MES systems, "Think Client" or remote-control platforms.

Within the Pharmaceutical Industry 4.0 context, our production lines integrate tracking and connection systems that enable their complete control, providing remote assistance to foresee corrective or maintenance actions tailored to the production stages of each customer.

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Dara Pharma designs, develops, and manufactures washing, sterilizing, filling, freeze-drying, and closing machines for vials, bottles, syringes, cartridges, and IV Bags to process liquid, semi-solid products, and powders in sterile conditions. NJM is Dara Pharma's exclusive representative in the U.S. and Canada.