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Syringe Filling Machine

Single-Use Syringes: Processed Individually

The Dara SFL/R Syringe Filler is a compact rotary machine used for filling of syringes from 0.1 ÷ 120 ml. with an output up to 180 upm. The syringe filling and closing equipment is used for automatic and individual processing of syringes.

This syringe packaging equipment is designed to be used in sterile room applications. This equipment is in compliance with the cGMP requirements. This is not the only single-use syringe filling equipment offered by Dara. To read more about other syringe filling machines, click the following link. Learn More

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  • SFL/R Syringe Filler

    This compact rotary machine used for individual processing of syringe filling from 0.1 ÷ 120 ml with output up to 100 upm.

    The equipment is designed to be used in sterile room applications is in compliance with the cGMP requirements. All production parameters can be saved in the PLC through different recipes. These parameters are automatically regulated and associated to each format of the syringe. The recipes can be loaded from the HMI, setting the parameters automatically for a new format. New recipes can be easily created and edited. Learn More.

    The parameters are:

    • Dosing volume
    • Kinematics of the filling system
    • Closing torque in screwing plunger rods
    • Adjustment of the automatic feeders
    • Output Production Speed: up to 7,200 units per hour
    • Dosing volumes from 0.1 up to 100 ml
    • Insertion depth of the plungers

    The pick & place station places the rubber stopper onto the syringe fully or partially, depending on the application (injection rubber stopper or lyophilized rubber stopper). Stoppers are handled by vacuum. The closing station is equipped with a pneumatic crimping head. Optionally, the closing process can be done with a tangential rolling head, characterized by the minimum generation of particles during the closing process. All closures currently used can be easily handled, such as:

    • Rubber stoppers
    • Aluminum caps / Flip-off caps
    • For products that require freeze-drying (utilizing two separate machines)
    • Filling and half-stoppering for freeze-drying
    • Positioning of aluminum caps and closing of vials

    In order to work in an aseptic, sterile or clean room applications, Dara provides different solutions, such as LAF, RABs, or isolators. The generated sterile air ensures a permanent and reliable expulsion of particles and microorganisms from the working area. Learn more on the SFL/R Syringe Filler.

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