Vial Filling, Closing and Labeling Machines

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Thanks to their high chemical resistance, which allows to limit the interactions between the product and the container, vials provide the highest safety for drug storage. Furthermore, they are an effective format for low-fill, cost-effective finishing processes, and for the production of sensitive drugs such as proteins and complex vaccines.

Dara Pharma provides the pharmaceutical industry compact machines for the automatic filling and closing of plastic and glass vials, for producing liquid, semi-solid and powder products, in sterile areas or clean rooms.

These aseptic solutions are based on a modular design, which is one of Dara Pharma’s distinctive technological advantages, as it allows every machine to be configured by adapting it to every client’s requirement, offering as well very competitive costs and delivery times.

Apart from this, it is worth highlighting that Dara Pharma’s filling and closing solutions, named “Combi”, have revolutionized the aseptic packaging machinery industry since they are able to process multiple vial formats in different sizes and shapes, in the same unit.

Get to know the wide range of Dara Pharma equipment for vial linear, rotary and Nest filling, closing, and labelling.

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