TROTTER™ WRAP Pressure Sensitive Labeler

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The TROTTER™ Wrap servo motor driven pressure sensitive labeler handles a wide range of round containers and applies wrap-around labels at speeds up to 150 units per minute. It features robust construction for an accurate and reliable operation throughout its long service life. Thanks to its dedicated design for round containers, changeover adjustments are minimal, tool-less and require little or no change parts. The TROTTER™ Wrap labeler's stainless steel open frame design combined with its robust label dispenser platform allow online hot stamp or serialization capable thermal transfer or laser printing options along with vision inspection system.

The TROTTER™ Wrap labeler is available in two electronic controls configurations, both with an intuitive and user-friendly operator interface for reliable operation:

  • TROTTER™ Wrap 126 which features Allen‑Bradley® PLC controls and servo drive
  • TROTTER™ Wrap 127 which features B&R controller and servo drive


Diameter: Min. 0.625" (15.9mm), Max. 4" (101.6mm)

Height: Min. 1" (25.4mm), Max. 8" (203.2mm)

Pressure Sensitive Labels

Height: Min. 0.63"(16.0mm), Max. 7"(177.8mm)

Length: Min. 1.25"(31.8mm), Max. 14"(355.6mm)


  • Up to 120 units per minute


  • Specifications subject to change depending on equipment configuration