100% Adaptable to Any Format of Your Needs

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Dara Pharma’s Flexibility in Motion concept helps customers to design and customize their aseptic packaging solutions for the most effective and safe processing of a multitude of pharmaceutical products that currently exist on the market.

With Dara Pharma's selection of pharmaceutical filling equipment and our ability to adapt to any product's demand, customers will be able to tackle any challenge presented by the dosing of their products, no matter how specific they are: from eye drops to nasal sprays, including UDS / BDS, pen devices, etc.

Our biopharma equipment guarantees full aseptic processing, and the total transparency of the process due to all the data collected through it.

We combine our cutting-edge technology with our solid experience to provide customized solutions. This guarantees the fulfillment of all clients' demands and provides the best pharmaceutical filling and closing equipment for any format.

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Dara Pharma designs, develops, and manufactures washing, sterilizing, filling, freeze-drying, and closing machines for vials, bottles, syringes, cartridges, and IV Bags to process liquid, semi-solid products, and powders in sterile conditions. NJM is Dara Pharma's exclusive representative in the U.S. and Canada.