ZPI Software Solutions

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ZPI, a ProMach brand, develops and supports software based systems focused on enhancing the performance of packaged goods manufacturing processes.

ZPI offers three productivity software solutions:

  • Monitor & Report: Packaging Line Data Collection & Reporting Software for Line OEE Monitoring.
    Monitor & Report enables customers to maximize the productivity of their production lines. The system empowers manufacturers to quickly identify and troubleshoot production
    problems and provides both live and historical analytics for a wide range of continuous improvement initiatives including Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

  • Serialize & Track: Product Serialization & Tracking Software.
    Serialize & Track is a software-based solution that drives the serialized identification of individual containers, cases and pallets for both pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical production lines. The system manages the collection and aggregation of serialized units of production and enables customers to effectively address a wide variety of manufacturing issues from satisfying FDA requirements to unit-specific product recalls.

  • Maintain & Predict: Packaging Equipment Predictive Maintenance Software.
    ZPI’s Maintain & Predict software gives customers a greater level of visibility into equipment condition, component life and predictive maintenance. By monitoring key signals from production equipment and pairing it with part lifecycle information, Maintain & Predict will empower customers to understand exactly what is going on ‘under the hood’ of their machines. By linking this to ZPI’s robust visuals and communication methods, the system can warn users of potential problems before they happen, ensuring production remains uninterrupted. From task management and assignment to live machine health dashboards, this system makes it easy for anyone to engage with the complex task of truly understanding how a machine is operating.

Each of these ZPI products is available for either an individual machine or an integrated line.