Zalkin CAE Series Rotary Capper

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The Model CAE Series Electronic Head automatic screw capping machines are state-of-the-art capping machines providing unique features found only with Zalkin electronic machines. Each head uses independently controlled brushless DC motors to provide direct drive of the capping chuck. The Zalkin CAE series electronic capping machines do not use, nor require a belt driven gear set to rotate the capping head/chuck. This provides for a very clean machine, as proven by its use in a multitude of aseptic filling/capping applications. Additionally, the Zalkin CAE series electronic bottle capper provides 100% application torque feedback data which can be captured for use in quality assurance and machine performance evaluation.

Motion control of each head provides for the application of screw-on caps of any thread configuration, push-down and oriented push down caps on one machine without the need for custom, complicated features. Machines with proven operational speeds up to 600 units per minute are available. Torque adjustment, if desired, is accomplished through the operator interface, without stopping production, as simply as is done during changeover through the HMI.