How We Help

Manufacturer | Distributor | Integrator

NJM is the proven trusted automated packaging systems manufacturer, distributor, and integrator. What truly sets us apart is our unique combination of industry leading manufacturing and exclusive distribution partnerships, with line integration expertise. We know all three are required to assure the success of our customers and no other resource does all of them as well as NJM. NJM is a one-stop packaging solution source offering expert knowledge and experience from the earliest stages of planning through implementation and production, coupled with a deep understanding of the entire production line, processes and logistics.

As your one-stop solution provider, we can take care of the following:

  • Initiate project kickoff
  • Evaluate customer specs and take responsibility for 3rd party machines
  • Designate Project Team
  • Perform Project Review
  • Manufacturing/Acquisition
  • Perform Assembly & Testing
  • Delivery Installation
  • In-house Training
  • After Sales Service & Support

Ensuring Machine Quality

As part of the services we provide to our customers, NJM will manage the machine quality evaluations that are necessary to the overall project. We work with the customer from inception to ensure that the quality is maintained 'par excellence'.

NJM will work with the customer to:

  • Develop feedback routines to ensure a two-way communication system and identify point persons
  • Issue the request for bulk samples required for the project
  • Provide a single contact project manager
  • Participate in project inspections, reviews, audits and walkthroughs
  • Determine that work product/results are correctly completed
  • Work with documentation to formulate a FAT document for acceptance test
  • Formulate punch list of deficiencies and communicate to proper authorities

On Time Delivery

Through our project management services, NJM will keep track of the proposed timetables for your project, utilizing scheduled project status reports. We will identify customer expectations with regards to timing of delivery, major milestones, and any schedule constraints. If a change is needed, we will engage the change request documentation, update the quotation with amendments, and adjust the schedule if necessary.

Avoiding Product Quality Problems

We have the process expertise to identify the possible pitfalls inherent in your project, and manage them accordingly. Our expertise as an integrator specialist for not only the health care solid-dose market but other industries gives us the ability to support our equipment.

We will analyze the following:

  • User Requirement Specifications
  • Functional Design Specifications
  • Installation Qualifications
  • Operating Qualifications
  • Testing Protocols
  • Preliminary Machine Manuals

Our resources help us to work with you to find the right machine for your packaging needs. Whether it is for a pharmaceutical tablet counter or capper project; personal care labeling or bander; or full line integration of new or existing equipment, NJM can help you.

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