Cumulus™ Model SLPP-15 Case Packer New

The all new Cumulus™ SLPP-15 Case Packer system is a semi-manual system designed to automate the end-of-line solution. This small modular machine has a small footprint with ready to integrate cameras for serialization aggregation.

The design is developed to help pharmaceutical manufacturers and contract packers quickly and easily comply with traceability requirements while automating their end-of-line processes to increase productivity

As the containers come down the conveyor and enter into the machine the pick & place, with the help of the pneumatic pusher, moves the row onto a stainless steel tray. The pusher repeats this movement until the designated pattern is complete. The operator forms the box on the Wexxar Model 5252u. A Servo Y-Z Vacuum picks up the container pattern, inspects the tracking codes (optional) and inserts the containers in their pattern into the case. The operator then moves the filled case through the Wexxar case sealer.

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  • Standard Features:

    • Increase productivity, simple and flexible solution for manufacturers looking to automate their end of line process
    • NJM Servo Y-Z Vacuum Pick & Place
    • Wexxar BEL 5252u Semi-Manual Case Former & Sealer
    • B&R controls
    • Pick & Place system is ready to integrate cameras for serialization aggregation; Optel serialization is optional
    • Small footprint; modular machine
    • Speeds up to 10 cases per minute (CPM)**

    ** Case Per Minute Speed is subject to operator case handling, container shape, size & configuration

    • Two (2) Operators up to 10 cases/min.
    • One (1) Operator approx. 5-7 cases/min.

    Array 6 Cont
    12 Cont
    24 Cont
    Nb layer1 12
    Max Picks/min 10 10 10
    Max Case/min 10 10 5
    Bottles/min 60-90 120-180 120-180
  • Case Dimensions:

    • Length: Min: 8 in (203 mm), Max: 26 in (672 mm)
    • Width: Min: 6 in (152 mm), Max: 16 in (406 mm)
    • Height: Min: 5 in (127 mm), Max: 15 in (381 mm)

    Bottle Dimensions:

    • Width/Diameter: Min: 1 in (25 mm), Max: 6 in (152 mm)
    • Height: Min: 2 in (51 mm), Max: 8 in (203 mm)

    Air & Electrical Requirements:

    • Air Supply: 90 psi, 7 scfm
    • Power Supply: 240 VAC, 20 Amps

    Overall Measurements:

    • Length: 94” (2.38 m)
    • Width: 72” (1.83 m)
    • Height: 88” (2.23 m)
    • Weight: 1800 lb. (820 kg)

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