Cumulus™ SLPP-15 Case Packer

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The CUMULUS™ SLPP-15 case packer is a semi-manual system designed to automate the end-of-line packaging. This modular machine has a compact footprint with ready to integrate cameras for serialization and aggregation and speeds up to 5 cases per minute using a single operator or 10 cases per minute using two operators.

Thanks to its servo pick & place and integrated case former and taper, the design is developed to help pharmaceutical manufacturers and contract packers quickly and easily comply with traceability requirements while automating their end-of-line processes to increase productivity.


  • Diameter: Min. 1" (25mm), Max. 6" (152mm)
  • Height: Min. 2" (51mm), Max. 8" (203mm)


  • Length: Min. 8" (203mm), Max. 26" (672mm)
  • Width: Min. 6" (152mm), Max. 16" (406mm)
  • Height: Min. 5" (127mm), Max. 15" (381mm)


  • 1 Operator machine: 5 to 7 cases per minute maximum
  • 2 Operators machine: 10 cases per minute maximum


  • Specifications subject to change depending on equipment configuration