Beltorque® High-Speed In-Line Retorquer

Beltorque® High-Speed In-Line Retorquer features high quality and precise cap tightening. With the use of synchronized belts, this versatile and innovative machine reapplies cap torque after induction sealing without cap scuffing. The continuous-motion, high-speed unit has a single control for torque adjustment, and operates at speeds up to 300 units per minute.

The innovative beltorque® Retorquer features quick changeover with no tools and no change parts. It ensures compliance by applying consistent cap torquing.

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  • Standard Features

    • Repetitive and stable process
    • Single control for torque adjustment
    • Synchronized technology tightens cap with belts causing no damage to cap
    • Five minute changeover, no tools, no change parts
    • Stainless steel chassis
    • Superior stability of the container during the cap tightening process
    • Quick and simple torque adjustments
    • One station to tighten cap
    • All routine adjustments are scaled with no tools
    • Validation of equipment is simplified
    • Emergency button
    • Polycarbonate front guard with keyed interlock
    • Adaptable on 36” high conveyor
    • 3/4” hp DC motor
    • Speeds up to 300 units per minute
  • Options

    • One station to tighten cap (Model BT-RT)
    • Two stations for screwing and tightening (Model BT-ST)
    • Precision reading of applied torque
    • HMI control panel
    • Reject table
    • Light tower
    • Double belt assembly
  • Cap & Container Criteria

    • Cap diameter
      from 0.5” (12 mm) to 5” (120 mm)
    • Container height
      2” (50 mm) to 12” (305 mm)
    • Container diameter
      Min. 0.5” (12 mm), Max. of 7” (175 mm)
    • Runs on round, oval, square and rectangular containers

    Air & Electrical Requirements

    • Power supply
      220 VAC, 1 phase, 50-60 Hz, 8 A
    • Air supply
      80 psig, 0.5 scfm

    * Patented two belts stations operating principle (US Patent No. 7,325,369 & CAN Patent No. 2,536,892)

    ** Patent Pending Active cap assistant plate assembly preventing cross-thread (US Patent No. 10,351,405 & CAN Patent No. 2,920,643)

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