Beltorque® Retorquer

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Beltorque® inline retorquers feature high quality and precise cap tightening. With the use of synchronized belts, this versatile and innovative machine reapplies cap torque after induction sealing without cap scuffing. The continuous-motion machine has central torque control adjustment and operates at speeds up to 300 units per minute.

The innovative beltorque® retorquer features quick and accurate no-tool changeovers without cap change parts. Cap inspection and rejection combined with real-time application torque monitoring options are available to ensure every unit is in compliance.


  • Round, rectangular and square
  • Diameter: Min. 0.5" (12.7mm), Max. 6.69" (169.9mm)
  • Height: 2" (50.8mm), Max. 12" (304.8mm)
  • Length: 3"(76mm), Max. 8" (203mm)


  • Diameter: Min. 0.5" (12.7mm), Max. 4.92" (125mm)


  • Up to 300 units per minute


  • Patented two belt stations operating principle (US Patent No. 7,325,369 & CAN Patent No. 2,536,892)
  • Patented active cap assistant plate assembly preventing cross-thread (US Patent No. 10,351,405 & CAN Patent No. 2,920,643)