Washers & Tunnels

Dara offers a wide range of sterilizing and depyrogenation equipment for continuous processing of glass containers such as vials, cartridges and syringes.

Each tunnel is divided into 3 chambers: pre-heating chamber, depyrogenation chamber, and cooling chamber. The vials are transported through the tunnel on the conveyor belt made of stainless steel, towards the filling area.

The thermal cycle is designed to reduce the pyrogens by 3 or 6 Log. A 3 Log reduction means that the vials have been exposed to a thermal cycle equivalent to 15-minute of exposure at a constant temperature of 250º C. The 6 Log reduction corresponds to a 30-minute cycle.

The range of offerings are not limited to washing units characterized by their flexibility and high performance. The containers are transported individually, each held with special grippers ensuring delicate and efficient treatment to washing tunnels and external washer. Learn More