COURSER® 230 Vial / Syringe Labeler

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The COURSER® Vial / Syringe labeler is designed to meet the growing needs from biotech companies and 503B pharmacies for personalized medicine packaging. The COURSER® is unique: it can be built to handle both vials and syringes or dedicated to one. This compact labeler features a trunnion starwheel for optimal label skew control and positive handling of vials, syringes and/or other small or unstable packages such as ampules, cartridges, centrifuge tubes and auto-injectors. It achieves speeds of up to 250 vials per minute and 200 syringes per minute. An option for orienting packages allows for specific label placement, such as for containers with a flange or graduation, at speeds of up to 100 units per minute.

The COURSER® labeler's no-tool, drop-in change-parts, simple changeover instructions and compact design make it the ideal machine for minimal downtime between both small or large batch sizes.

Its robust label dispenser platform allows hot stamp or serialization capable intermittent motion or continuous motion thermal transfer or laser printing options. This labeler's advanced PLC controls manage the entire machine's process including NJM's robust and fail-safe reject tracking of labels and containers to facilitate label and product vision inspection integration. The servo-driven NJM Label Removal System option rejects and reconciles faulty labels on a separate web to eliminate wasted product and reduce rework. Available software options for audit trails, electronic signatures and advanced user management through LDAP help users achieve 21 CFR Part 11 compliance.


  • Diameter: Min. 0.563" (14mm), Max. 2" (50mm)
  • Height: Min. 0.75" (20mm), Max. 3.75" (95mm)


  • Diameter: Min. 0.25" (7mm), Max. 1.25" (32mm)
  • Length: Min. 2.19" (55mm), Max. 7.75" (196mm) (from flange underside to end of product)
  • Height: Min. 0.75" (20mm), Max. 3.75" (95mm)

Pressure Sensitive Labels

  • Height: Min. 0.625" (16mm), Max. 3.5" (90mm)
  • Length: Min. 0.625" (16mm), Max. 6.5" (165mm)


  • Vials: Up to 250 units per minute
  • Syringes: Up to 200 units per minute


Specifications subject to change depending on equipment configuration


* Dual product capability (syringe and vial) and related movable guard to selectively guard the unused product infeed and outfeed paths. (US & CAN Patent Pending)