The Model 326 AUTOCOLT IV TRUNNION pressure sensitive labeler features a servo-driven trunnion roll system for a high level of labeling accuracy at speeds of up to 400 cpm. Designed for pharmaceutical and ophthalmic containers, the unit features a servo-driven label dispenser for accurate and precise label placement.

The trunnion roll design features in/out adjustment accessible from the front of the labeler. Also available is a label removal feature, which removes any faulty labels from the web before they ever get applied to the container. This is a robust, heavy-duty machine that will deliver accuracy and precision throughout its long life.

Full Windows Capability

The Model 326 AUTOCOLT IV TRUNNION labeler is equipped with all the functionality of the Windows XP Professional operating system, which includes: a user-friendly 10” color operator interface with recipe management; four levels of system access, with username and password protection; user administration capability; support for Adobe PDF documents; and a host of other operator support tools.

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  • Standard Features:

    • Allen/Bradley Compactlogix with Kinetix servomotor technology
    • 10” color touch screen HMI for machine control functions
    • Fixed or feed to the gap label sensor
    • Windows XP Professional
      • Recipe management
      • 4 levels of access with username and password protection
      • User administration capability
      • Adobe PDF documents supported
      • Advanced operator support tools
    • 24 in. servo feed screw drive
    • Mechanical starwheel fallen vial reject with collection bin
    • Servo-driven trunnion roll system with in/out adjustment accessible from the front of the labeler
    • Servo-wrap belt is mounted on a slide for greater access
    • Conveyor driven by AC motor with VFD for speed control
    • Fully enclosed guarding with access doors in front and back of the labeler
    • Automatic speed compensation and synchronization with conveyor
    • Fail safe logic for missing label on web
    • Dancer arm on label unwind
    • Collapsible spindle on powered rewind
    • Label counter
    • Product counter
    • 3 ” web width
    • Repeatable indication points for all machine settings
    • Main control panel in a pull out drawer
    • Air pressure switch and air dump valve
    • 3 tier light pole
    • Speeds up to 400 cpm


    • Label coding (hot stamp, laser, thermal transfer printer)
    • Broken web and end of web detector
    • Label inspection for date/lot code, bar code verification
    • Container inspection for missing label, verification of skew
    • Reject system with reject lane on the conveyor
    • Label removal system
    • Motorized unwind
    • 18” label spool instead of 14”
    • Dual 18” label spool unwind with splice table
    • Height adjustment of Trunnion
    • Validation package
  • Size of Labels:

    • Length
      from 1” (25.4 mm) to 8” (203.2 mm)
    • Height
      from 0.625” (15.9 mm) to 2.875” (73 mm)
    • Roll size
      Max. 14” (355.6 mm) (larger sizes available)


    • Diameter
      from 0.563” (14.3 mm) to 2.0” (50.8 mm), round, non-tapered only
    • Height
      from 0.813” (20.6 mm) to 3.0” (76.2 mm)

    Air & Electrical Requirements:

    • Power Supply
      208-230V/50-60 Hz/3 phase/8 amp
    • Air requirement
      80 psi, 2 scfm

    Machine Specifications:

    • Variable conveyor speed up to 1000” (25.4 meters) per min.
    • Maximum label advance speeds 2000” (50.8 meters) per min.
    • Labeling accuracy
      +/- .5 mm
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