NJM offers industry leading technology in servo-driven topsert and sidesert applicators using hot melt glue to meet the pharmaceutical regulations. Outsert carton feeders are also available to improve ergonomics and extend runtime.

The AUTOSERT® 277 hot melt glue outsert applicators, can be configured to apply SIDESERTS or TOPSERTS to accommodate your specific pharmaceutical labeling requirements at speeds up to 280 units per minute. NJM also offers an outsert carton magazine feeder, which is standard on the AUTO-SERT® 277 TOPSERT and optional on the AUTO-SERT® 277 SIDESERT, for extended run-time and improved ergonomics.

The 276 Carousel outsert feeder features stainless steel construction and a carousel design that significantly boosts the component storage capacity of outserters, helping pharmaceutical packagers reduce labor costs and improve ergonomics. At speeds of up to 250 outserts per minute, the economical 276 Carousel outsert feeder handles a wide range of outserts and can seamlessly be integrated into a sideserting or topserting machine.