Cremer CFI 622 Tablet Counter

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With the CFI 622 series, Cremer has defined a new standard for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical counting and “in motion” bottle filling. Due to its modular design, superior engineering and the versatility to count almost any tablet or capsule and fill a wide range of containers, the CFI 622 delivers unparalleled performance and productivity. With its flexible approach, combined with its ease of operation, low maintenance requirements and quick, tool-free changeover, the CFI leaves nothing more to be required of a high speed counting and filling system.

The CFI 622 counting and filling system is available in two models: CFI 622*6 and CFI 622*8 for respectively up to 6 or 8 counting modules for expandable counting capacity for speeds up to 400 bottles per minute.

The relatively small foot print of the CFI makes it the perfect solution if floor space is limited. It is also designed for seamless integration into complete packaging lines.

The patented in-motion filling system with high-precision bottle handling guarantees stable and fully monitored bottle transport throughout the whole filling process.


  • Round, rectangular and square
  • Diameter: Min. 0.787" (20mm), Max. 4.921" (125mm)
  • Height: Min. 1.378" (35mm), Max. 7.874" (200mm)


  • Length: Min. 0.118" (2.1mm), Max. 1.181" (29.1mm)
  • Width: Min. 0.119" (3mm), Max. 0.787" (20mm)


  • Up to 400 units per minute