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... founded in 1915 ...

"At NJM, we’re focused on delivering superior value to our customers by exceeding expectations with high-end equipment and the best service in the industry. These high standards defined our young company over 100 years ago, and we're proud to continue the tradition by constantly evolving and improving," said Michel Lapierre, President of NJM Packaging. "Thanks to our best-in-class technologies and a culture that supports strong customer relationships, our future looks brighter than ever."

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The company was founded in 1915 as New Jersey Machine, then merged with Charles Lapierre Inc. and was renamed NJM/CLI in 1996. The company was rebranded as NJM Packaging in 2011. Read More


In 1935 the AMA National Packaging Expo held the first packaging show where NJM was one of two exhibitors. When the PMMI was founded in 1933, NJM was one of the five founding members. Abbott Labs purchased the first Pony Label Rite® glue labeler in 1937. Read More

Img 1935 Pony Label Rite Glue Labeler
Img 1950 Art Schaefer


Thermo sensitive adhesive coated paper revolutionized 'no glue' labelers as a Pharma 'no mix up' labeling project with Pfizer / Wyeth needed a solution for problems with cut & stack labels. Art Schaefer joined NJM in 1946 and was President from 1979 to 1986.


Charles Lapierre Inc. (CLI) was founded in Montreal, Canada. Charles was President of CLI from 1965 to 1991. NJM built a new manufacturing plant in Lebanon, NH. Linc Jepson joined NJM in 1965 and was NJM President from 1987 to 2004. Read More

Img 1965 Charles Lapierre
Img 1979 Mustang


The Mustang® was the most successful cold glue automatic labeler ever offered by NJM becoming a forerunner for cold glue labeling in the wine industry. With the rise of pressure sensitive labeling in the early 1980’s the AutoColt II was sold to Sherman Labs labeling contact lens solution. The Lebanon Manufacturing plant expanded as business grew. Strip Stik was patented in 1983 for pre-folded literature labeling and the first machine was sold to Charles Pfizer in Brooklyn, NY. NJM showed their leadership in pharmaceutical labeling by developing the punch hole verification system to prevent the wrong label from being applied to the product. Read More


CLI began their partnership with Cremer in the Netherlands for solid dose packaging. The Model 1230, 12-track tablet counting machine was developed. The first tablet counting line was sold to Jamieson in Ontario, Canada. Read More

Img 1987 Counting Mach
New Building NJM BLOG


The merger between NJM Packaging and CLI meant that the new entity, NJM/CLI Packaging Systems Int’l, would be able to offer a full line of pharmaceutical packaging machines. Right out of the gate, customers were able to acquire tablet counters, cottoners, cappers, labelers, line integration, and project management. Read More


NJM Packaging was expanding into different markets with secondary packaging and health and beauty. Its expanded labeler product line paved the way for it to be a leader in both pharmaceutical packaging, food, beverage and health and beauty product labeling. Read More

MODEL 400s 100 Page FINAL
Model 276 carousel outsert feeder njm


September 2001 – NJM/CLI introduces the Model 276 Carousel Outsert Feeder designed for operation on NJM/CLI labelers, the 12 station rotary magazine allows for run times of one hour or longer depending on machine speed and literature thickness. At speeds of up to 250 outserts per minute, the economical Model 276 CAROUSEL Outsert Feeder handles a wide range of outserts, to meet the rising industry demand for product-specific outserts. Read More


NJM/CLI introduced the new beltorque®, a unique high-speed retorquer that reapplies cap torque after induction sealing. Unlike conventional retorquers that use discs or spindles to tighten caps, the patent-pending beltorque uses belts to tighten caps. Beltorque® High-Speed In-Line Retorquer features high quality and precise cap tightening.

Beltorque high speed in line retorquer main njm
Beltorque BT IC main unit view njm


NJM/CLI introduced the new beltorque™ Automatic In-Line Capper. Unlike traditional cappers that use discs or spindles to tighten caps, the patent-pending beltorque Capper uses belts to tighten caps. This innovative approach improves product quality by eliminating cap damage and achieving more consistent torque values. With simplified mechanics, beltorque increases line productivity by speeding changeover and reducing unplanned downtime.


NJM/CLI redesigns it’s the Model125 Bronco labeler to introduce the new Model 130 Bronco. This upgraded pressure sensitive labeler handles up to 200 bpm which can be easily retrofitted in the field to accommodate a wide number of configurations and options to maximize production versatility. This new model has robust components and the labeler offers superior label placement accuracy, equipment reliability and quick repeatable format changeovers while simplifying maintenance.

Model 130 bronco alternate view njm
Model 326 autocolt iv trunnion 2 njm


NJM/CLI designed the newest vial labeler in the versatile Model 326 Auto-Colt III Trunnion Labeler for pharmaceutical and ophthalmic applications. NJM/CLI introduces the new Model 326 Auto-Colt III Trunnion, a pressure sensitive labeler for small pharmaceutical and ophthalmic containers. Featuring a servo-driven feedscrew and trunnion roll system for positive container handling and servo-driven label dispenser and applicator for accurate label placement, the Auto-Colt III Trunnion achieves superior labeling accuracies of +/- 0.5 mm while fast changeovers and low maintenance maximize operating efficiencies.


This year brought noteworthy changes to our labeling and packaging machine manufacturing. With the opening of our all-new manufacturing facility in Montreal, QC, NJM was proud to have started the year in an all-new 40,000 square foot manufacturing plant. Read More…

We introduced our 126 Trotter, a heavy-duty stepper driven label dispenser – flexible and easily customizable to our end users’ needs. This machine is ideal for cosmetic & personal care, household chemicals, contract packagers and the pharmaceutical industry. The 126 Trotter is a simple labeler that labels up to 120 bpm, with the addition of coders and inspection systems. Read More…

Bldg Trotter REDONE
Dara 277 Line


NJM began representing in North America, a technical leader in liquid pharmaceutical packaging, Dara Pharmaceuticals, from Barcelona, Spain. Dara manufactures high-performance equipment and their culture of quality complements NJM perfectly. With Dara, in addition to offering complete tablet packaging lines, we’re providing complete liquid packaging lines. Our customers benefit from best-in-class technologies and single source responsibility. Read More…

This innovative pharmaceutical industry need found a solution in NJM’s AUTOSERT family of products. The requirement of thicker outserts put forth by the FDA due to increased type-size, format and content requirements brought about this new piece of equipment. This next generation of hot-melt glue outsert applicators achieves line speeds up to 280 units per minute. Read More…


This year NJM joined the world of online blogging to show our customers what we were developing and working on. Our new blog was named Not Just Machines. In 2016, as a more seasoned blogger, NJM’s blog evolved in content and changed its name: Pharma Packaging News. Then, 2021, Pharma Packaging News expanded to include news from the entire ProMach Pharma Business Unit, and totally refreshed its look. Read More…

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2014 NJM 100 Logo


NJM announced the celebration of its 100th anniversary as a packaging machinery company. NJM built our first packaging machine in 1915 and became a founding member of PMMI in 1933. NJM has established its leadership position, expanded its product offering, and built an outstanding reputation based on innovative, reliable equipment and unparalleled customer service. Read More…


On May 2, 2016, NJM Packaging was acquired by ProMach Inc., the global integrated packaging solutions leader. The press release said, “ProMach acquired the North American-based NJM Packaging, a leading single-source provider of pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and personal care packaging machinery. The addition of NJM expands ProMach’s footprint in the growing pharmaceutical and contract packaging markets and advances its capabilities as an integrated solutions provider.” Read More…

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2017 PM PMIC


ProMach acquired the Canadian based Jalbert Automatisation, a long-term key supplier for NJM. Jalbert was renamed ProMach Innovation Center (PMIC). This acquisition expanded ProMach and NJM’s capabilities in automated production equipment with customized solutions for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food processing, and chemical industries. The design and custom packaging capabilities offered by PMIC are utilized by NJM and engineering departments throughout ProMach. Read More…


“At NJM, we’re known for world-class equipment that is both innovative and reliable. In addition to designing new technologies, we continuously work to improve our field-proven machines. The new Model 403 is an updated version of our popular 402 – it offers a wider variety of options to expand its functionality while keeping the original system’s heavy-duty construction featuring a modular design, flexible PLC controls and a variety of optional label applicator tools to maximize production versatility and ease use when labeling cases and shrink-wrapped bundles…” Read More…

In 2018, Steve Leduc joined NJM as Vice President and General Manager.

403 and steve

Courser Cumulus FINAL 2019


NJM designed & manufactured two new machines in 2019… our all new 230 Courser® Vial & Syringe Labeler and Cumulus™ SLPP-15 Case Packer. The Courser® labeler can be configured for vials or syringes on the same machine. Read More…

The semi-manual Cumulus™ Case Packer combines serialization and aggregation options on this high-performance integrated system. The Cumulus was developed in conjunction with fellow ProMach company Wexxar Bel. Read More…

Along with fellow ProMach brands WLS & Zalkin, we announced the hiring of Layth Obeidat to a new position as European Sales Manager. Obeidat is responsible for bringing the ProMach Pharma Business Line’s packaging systems to pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and medical device manufacturers and contract packers throughout Europe and the rest of the world. Read More…


We introduced the newly enhanced Courser® 230 Vial / Syringe Labeler. This patent pending design features a trunnion starwheel for positive handling of vials and syringes. Read More….

2020 Courser New

Tom adam


NJM launched our all new beltorque® Lite capper (BT-ICL) with similar features as the beltorque, but with fewer bells and whistles, all at lower costs. Read More…

We welcomed new management to our ProMach Pharma Business Unit – President, Tom McDaniel and Director of Marketing, Adam Rosenthal.


Our global sales and service team grew with the hiring of Grigoriy Klimenko as our European Sales and Service Manager for all ProMach Pharma brands: NJM, Pharmaworks and WLS. Read More...

Michel Lapierre retired from ProMach April 2022. Michel’s leadership, vision, and rich experience over the last 44 years — first with CLI, then NJM/CLI, then NJM, and then ProMach Pharma — has left an enduring legacy in the organization. In 2010, under Michel’s leadership, NJM/CLI moved into a new state-of-the-art facility in Montreal. NJM/CLI officially changed its name to NJM Packaging in 2011. He will be missed. Read More...

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