Sterilization & Decontamination Solutions

NJM is the exclusive North American representative for Steelco's Pharma and Biopharma products.

Steelco offers complete turnkey solutions for sterilization processes in the pharmaceutical industry. NJM and Steelco undertake all phases of a project, from concept to delivery of solutions that exceed customer expectations.

Steelco AV Series Pharmaceutical Grade Saturated Steam Sterilizers are a fundamental part of the process used to render an object free from viable infectious agents, including viruses and bacterial spores.

The AVD Series combines all the features of a Pharma Grade Saturated steam sterilizer with the capability of performing bio-decontamination cycles using VH2O2.

The AMS Series of Pharmaceutical Grade Steam-Air Mixture sterilizers is a range of autoclaves designed for terminal sterilization using steam air mixture technology.

Steelco’s range of autoclaves using superheated water are for the terminal sterilization of injectable solutions.

Steelco designs and manufactures a wide range of Class 100 static depyrogenation sterilizers (ISO 14644-1 class 5) to meet the most challenging pharmaceutical requirements.

Thanks to a long experience within the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, cosmetic, and food industries, Steelco offers a wide range of hot air static dryers to meet the most challenging market requirements.

Sterile continuity is the vision. The SPE Series is ideal for treating closures for containers normally used in the pharmaceutical industry, where continuous sterility has to be maintained between different phases.

The DHP Series of Grade Decontamination air Lock is manufactured to provide a complete turnkey solution for the bio-decontamination of heat-sensitive equipment.

The AGS Series of sterilizers using Ethylene Oxide represents the best relationship between engineering and quality price, operating running costs, and, most important, the safety of the system and operators.