Cremer Tablet Counter - CFS-622

The Cremer CFS-622 can accommodate up to four modules, depending on the required output. Because of its small footprint it can be seamlessly integrated into any new or existing bottle packaging line. With only a few change parts the CFS is able to count almost any kind of tablet or capsule and fill almost any kind of plastic or glass bottle; round, oval or rectangular. Its GMP-compliant design allows quick and easy cleaning while the fully transparent enclosure allows good accessibility and guarantees complete operating safety.

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  • Standard Features

    • Central product hopper
    • Servo driven feedscrew and ‘dipping’ filling nozzles
    • Bottle reject mechanism
    • TouchScreen control panel
    • Fully transparent enclsoure

    Optional Features

    • Bottle transport verification sensors
    • Central dust extraction
    • Ioniser to eliminate static electricity
    • Product eject system

    Additional Benefits

    • Flexibility: up to three counting modules
    • Filling up to 150 bottles per minute
    • 100% counting accuracy
    • GMP compliant modular design
    • Small footprint
    • Easy to clean
    • Fast change-over with just a few change parts
    • Very easy to operate
    • 21CFR part 11 compliant
  • Bottle Specifications

    • Bottle height: 35-200 mm
    • Bottle width: 20-125 mm

    Product Specifications

    • Product length: 3-30 mm
    • Product width: 3-20 mm
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