Cremer CFS 622 Tablet Counter

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The Cremer CFS 622 tablet counter can accommodate up to four expandable modules for speeds up to 200 bottles per minute. Thanks to its small footprint it can be seamlessly integrated into any new or existing bottle packaging line in the pharmaceutical or nutraceutical industry. With only a few change parts the CFS is able to count almost any kind of tablet or capsule and fill almost any kind of plastic or glass bottle: round, oval or rectangular. Its cGMP compliant design allows quick and easy cleaning while the fully transparent enclosure allows good accessibility and guarantees complete operating safety.


  • Round, rectangular and square
  • Diameter: Min. 0.787" (20mm), Max. 4.921" (125mm)
  • Height: Min. 1.378" (35mm), Max. 7.874" (200mm)


  • Length: Min. 0.118" (2.1mm), Max. 1.181" (29.1mm)
  • Width: Min. 0.119" (3mm), Max. 0.787" (20mm)


  • Up to 200 units per minute