CL 200 Cottoner

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The CL 200 fully automatic cottoner inserts a predetermined length of cotton, rayon or polyester coil into containers at speeds up to 200 units per minute. Robust, heavy duty construction means it will be accurate and reliable throughout its long service life. Its compact footprint lets the unit seamlessly become part of your packaging operation.

Standard features include two cotton insertion heads, a patented guillotine cotton sectioning device, PLC control and the option of a missing cotton and cotton wisp detection and rejection.

Historical Perspective...

Why is there cotton at the top of tablet bottles? The purpose is served during handling and transportation of the bottled tablets. Tablet bottles are not filled to the top, and therefore, there is a void that would allow the tablets to move and rattle, which can cause chipping and breaking.

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  • Round, rectangular and square
  • Diameter: Min. 1" (25.4mm), Max. 4.5" (114mm)
  • Height: Min. 2.5" (63.5 mm), Max. 8." (203mm)


  • Length: Min. 3" (76mm), Max. 8" (203mm)
  • Weight: Min. 6 grams, Max. 24 grams


  • Up to 200 units per minute


  • Patented two-station cotton insertion and guillotine tearing device (US Patent No. 6,799,412)