Automated Packaging Systems for Pharma, Biotech, Nutraceutical & Vitamin Industries


NJM is a supplier of packaging and automation technologies to the Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Nutraceutical and Vitamin industries. Our technical expertise in tablet counting, cottoning, capping, labeling, and aseptic fill finish includes line integration. Please see a summary of our products on this page.

NJM offers cGMP designed bottle unscrambler ideally suited for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and personal care markets in a compact design. NJM provides a number of features and options to suit any operation, including ionized air cleaning and no tool changeover. The unscrambler feature stainless steel, heavy-duty construction and the latest in controls. NJM's line integration expertise will offer you a wide range of bottle unscrambling solutions for your project.

Desiccant pouches or canisters are dispensed into containers at any speed range or container size to eliminate condensation that may occur after packaging. Any moisture will speed the decomposition of chemicals in pharmaceutical or nutraceutical solid dose products. NJM is able to integrate a full packaging line with the right desiccant dispenser for your project.

When 100% accurate product counting is needed, you can count on us. A market leader for more than three decades, tablet counters from Cremer feature robust construction, quality, accuracy and consistency. Cremer tablet counters can handle a wide range of products and counts at speeds from 10 to 400 bottles per minute.

NJM offers cGMP designed tablet elevators ideally suited for the pharmaceutical, and nutraceutical markets in a compact design. NJM provides a number of features and options to facilitate fast and efficient cleaning and no tool changeover.

Heavy-duty construction and robust design characterize Cottoners from NJM Packaging. Operation is simple yet precise, with a guillotine tearing device as standard equipment, and options such as missing cotton and wisp detection. A compact footprint makes them easy to incorporate into your particular packaging layout.

NJM’s capper family includes inline belt, inline disc and rotary continuous models. We provide several features and options to suit any operation including a variety of cap feeders, elevators and chutes. All cappers feature stainless steel, heavy-duty construction and the latest in controls. Compact design makes them easy to incorporate into your packaging operation. In addition to cappers, we also supply retorquers as inline belt or inline disc type, which reapply the cap to the proper torque after induction sealing.

NJM Packaging labelers are customized for particular labeling applications, but all are built in the same way: to be robust, reliable and versatile. Stainless steel construction, electronic controls, and up-to-date container handling features mean that your NJM labeler will become a trusted part of your labeling operation, throughout its long service life.

NJM offers industry leading technology in servo-driven topsert and sidesert applicators using hot melt glue to meet the pharmaceutical regulations. Outsert carton feeders are also available to improve ergonomics and extend runtime.

Liquid filling & closing systems are offered by our partner, Dara Pharmaceutical Equipment, offering innovative aseptic liquid filling and closing machines specifically designed for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. NJM is the exclusive sales agent for Dara in the USA and Canada. Click here for more info on Dara Pharmaceutical. Rugged construction, high-quality components, and innovative design will make Dara a trusted part of your pharmaceutical packaging operations, whether you process vials, cartridges, sprays, syringes or ROPP caps.

NJM is the exclusive North American representative for Steelco's Pharma and Biopharma products. With a comprehensive range of GMP washers for the pharmaceutical industry, Steelco has set a new standard for automated cleaning process equipment. Modular design and excellent quality are at the heart of these products. Steelco’s GMP cleaning systems are designed, manufactured, validated, and documented according to the latest current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs).

NJM is the exclusive North American representative for Steelco's Pharma and Biopharma products. Steelco offers complete turnkey solutions for sterilization processes in the pharmaceutical industry. NJM and Steelco undertake all phases of a project, from concept to delivery of solutions that exceed customer expectations.

To complete your Serialization implementation including bottle handling, printing, inspection, code association and tracking requirements, you can count on NJM, your convenient single source supplier. ZPI, a ProMach brand, also offers the Serialize & Track system: a software-based solution that drives the serialized identification of individual containers, cases and pallets for both pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical production lines. The system manages the collection and aggregation of serialized units of production and enables customers to effectively address a wide variety of manufacturing issues from satisfying FDA requirements to unit-specific product recalls. NJM can provide a full range of primary labeling and secondary print & apply labeling machines capable of handling a wide variety of applications for Serialization and Aggregation, as well as work with you to integrate a serialization & tracking software for your line.

At NJM, our turnkey line integration service starts well before the purchase order – with our dedicated applications engineering and sales departments. An assessment of available floor space, user requirement specifications, and packaging components allows our team to provide custom layouts that incorporate ProMach manufactured machines, third-party machines and even existing machinery – for innovative cost-effective solutions.

Versatile Print & Apply labelers from NJM take on the labeling of bundles, cases ir even specialty packages. They can be purchased singly or as part of a turnkey system including inspection and conveying, case packing, checkweighing, etc. NJM Print & Apply labelers feature rugged construction and high-quality components, which will make them reliable and accurate throughout their long service life.

A cartoner machine forms cartons by erecting, closing and folding side seamed and sealed cartons. NJM is able to integrate a full packaging line with the right cartoner for your project.

A bundler machine accumulates products into a packable staging size and shrink wraps the products for your secondary packaging line. NJM is able to integrate a full packaging line with the right bundler for your project.

Case packer equipment moves your product to be packed into a designated case. NJM is able to integrate a full packaging line with the right case packer for your project.

Automated palletizers help achieve productivity throughout your packaging line using robotics to streamline processes and maximize efficiency.

NJM can provide a blister packaging solution for pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, small consumer goods, and other products. Our partner, Pharmaworks -- another brand within the ProMach family -- is the USA's leading manufacturer of blister packaging solutions. Pharmaworks provides blister machines, blister machine rebuilds, product handling & feeding equipment, online vision inspection capabilities, and blister machine tooling. NJM works with Pharmaworks to integrate the right blister packaging solution for your application.