Beltorque® Capper BT-IC

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Beltorque® BT-IC inline cappers feature servo-driven cap sorting and feeding, as well as the ability to add real-time application torque monitoring. With the use of synchronized belts, this versatile and innovative machine applies cap torque without cap scuffing. The continuous-motion machine has central torque control adjustment and operates at speeds up to 300 units per minute.

The innovative beltorque® capper features quick and accurate no-tool changeovers. Cap inspection and rejection combined with real-time application torque monitoring options are available to ensure every unit is in compliance.


  • Round, rectangular and square
  • Diameter: Min. 0.78" (20mm), Max. 6.69" (169.9mm)
  • Height: Min. 2" (50.8mm), Max. 12" (304.8mm)


  • Diameter: Min. 0.78" (19.8mm), Max. 2.75" (69.9mm)


  • Up to 300 units per minute


  • Optional upgrade available for caps up to 4.92" (125mm)


* Patented two belts stations operating principle (US Patent No. 7,325,369 & CAN Patent No. 2,536,892)

** Patent Pending active cap assistant plate assembly preventing cross-thread (US Patent No. 10,351,405 & CAN Patent No. 2,920,643)