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Beltorque® BT-IC In-Line Cappers

Beltorque® High-Speed In-Line cappers feature high quality and precise cap tightening. With the use of synchronized belts, this versatile and innovative machine applies cap torque without cap scuffing. The continuous-motion, high-speed unit has a single control for torque adjustment, and operates at speeds up to 300 units per minute.

The innovative beltorque® capper features quick changeover with no tools and minimum dedicated cap change parts. It ensures compliance by applying consistent cap torquing.

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  • Standard Features:

    • Integrated cap elevator and cap chute
    • Repetitive and stable process
    • Single control for torque adjustment
    • Synchronized technology tightens cap with belts causing no damage to cap
    • No tool, quick changeover, minimum change parts
    • Stainless steel chassis
    • Superior stability of the container during the cap tightening process
    • PLC with HMI interface
    • Quick and simple torque adjustments
    • First station for applying the caps
    • Second station for tightening & torquing of the caps
    • All routine adjustments are scaled with no tools
    • Validation of equipment is simplified
    • Emergency stop button
    • Polycarbonate front guard with interlock
    • Adaptable on 36” high conveyor
    • 1 hp AC motor
    • Runs on round, oval, square and rectangular containers
    • Speeds up to 300 units per minute

    Available Options:

    • Cap Inspection with reject system
    • Precision reading of applied torque
    • Conveyor
    • Custom cap capability

  • Cap Criteria:

    • Cap diameter belts
      0.5” to 5” (12 to 127mm)
    • Cap diameter chute 0086
      0.7" to 3" (18 to 75 mm)
    • Cap diameter chute 0081
      0.9’’ to 5" (22 to 127 mm)
    • Product width
      0.5" to 7" (12 to 175 mm)
    • Product height
      2" to 12" (50 to 305 mm)

    Air & Electrical Requirements:

    • Power Supply
      220 volts single phase 15A
    • Air Supply
      80 psi, 0.5 scfm (without cap elevator)

    * Patented two belts stations operating principle (US Patent No. 7,325,369 & CAN Patent No. 2,536,892)

    ** Patent Pending Active cap assistant plate assembly preventing cross-thread (US Patent No. 10,351,405 & CAN Patent No. 2,920,643)

  • Related Industries:

    • Cosmetic/Personal Care
    • Food & Beverage
    • Nutraceuticals
    • Pharmaceuticals

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