Pharmaceutical Stand-Alone & Fully Integrated Packaging Line Equipment

NJM offers automated packaging systems, including stand-alone machinery and integrated packaging lines. Working with customers in the pharmaceutical industry, food and beverage industry, contract packagers, and more, NJM manufactures, distributes, and integrates packing machinery to meet unique product requirements.

This collection of videos ranges from stand-alone equipment with diverse applications, to a fully integrated packaging line designed by NJM to fulfill a particular customer's project.

Features on these automatic packaging machines include precision in each application, versatility to meet unique product needs, maximized productivity, efficiency, and more. Browse through this video library to see these packaging systems in action.

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These videos demonstrate the bottle unscramblers NJM Packaging provides for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, vitamin, and food industries.

View these videos to learn more about the tablet and capsule counters NJM provides our customers in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and vitamin industries.

These videos demonstrate the fully automatic cottoners NJM provides for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and vitamin industries.

These videos show NJM Packaging's different models of cappers in use.

These videos demonstrate the labeling machines NJM Packaging has available for your industrial automated packaging project needs.

View these videos to learn more about the Print & Apply Labeler machines NJM Packaging has available.

View our Line Integration videos to learn more about the fully integrated automated packaging systems NJM provides for our customers.

NJM Packaging offers a range of serialization equipment, including RFID capabilities.

View these videos that demonstrate NJM's case packer portfolio.

These videos highlight some of the accessories that NJM provides for the full packaging line, such as our CMD Metal Detector.

NJM's partner, Dara Pharma, is a leader in pharma aseptic processing. These videos feature Dara Pharma equipment.