Washing Systems from Steelco

NJM is the exclusive North American representative for Steelco's Pharma and Biopharma products.

With a comprehensive range of GMP washers for the pharmaceutical industry, Steelco has set a new standard for automated cleaning process equipment. Modular design and excellent quality are at the heart of these products. Steelco’s GMP cleaning systems are designed, manufactured, validated, and documented according to the latest current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs).

DS Optima – Pharma Grade Parts Washer is designed for validatable cleaning and optimal throughput of materials and components used in Bio-Pharmaceutical manufacturing in the smallest available footprint of valuable GMP manufacturing space.

DS PH – Pharma Grade Parts Washers are engineered and utilized for throughput, efficiency, and validatable cleaning and drying of various materials and components used in Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Manufacturing processes, including laboratory glassware, filling line components, tools, tubing, TC fittings, valves and pump bodies, filter housings, reactor vessels, and miscellaneous equipment.

The LC PH Series of pharmaceutical grade washers is a range of cabinet washers developed for all applications where it is necessary to wash and dry large volumes of items or large diameter / bulk components. Chamber capacity ranges from 4,250 to 10,500 litres (150 to 370 cu ft) and custom dimensions are always available upon request.

With most of the industry’s largest Pharma companies as its customers, Steelco has an in-depth understanding of the rigorous critical cleaning requirements of equipment used in pharmaceutical production.