Pharma Carts and Trolleys – Standard and Customized Loading Solutions

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With most of the industry’s largest Pharma companies as its customers, Steelco has an in-depth understanding of the rigorous critical cleaning requirements of equipment used in pharmaceutical production.

Steelco designs, develops, manufactures, and tests all its own wash racks in-house, ensuring that the quality of this critical process is carefully monitored. Steelco’s engineering experience and sophisticated 3D CAD programs ensure that every point, corner, and cavity of an item to be processed is deeply and efficiently cleaned. This avoids the possibility of cross-contamination and eliminates all soil and contaminant residues from the previous process. The same injection porting is used to also convey hot sterile filtered air inside each cavity for drying.

Key Features
  • ErgonomicsHeight-adjustable transport trolleys, flexible wash cart configurations: specific solution for the most challenging requests.
  • Quality and SafetySteelco designs, develops, manufactures, and tests all its trolley and wash cart racks in-house, ensuring complete monitoring of the process’s quality, and single-point responsibility for the cleaning system design and function.
  • Process EffectivenessReduction of cycle-time and optimized load configuration is assured by the selection of optimal configuration of machines, racks, chemicals, and utilities.

Based on a list of items to be cleaned provided by the client, and using long-term experience, Steelco prepare a 3D model of the proposed rack. All items are grouped/organized per rack to optimize processing to fit production needs, in collaboration with the client user and production teams. Detailed design assures consistent water flow and pressure at all the internal and external surfaces of all the items to be processed, assuring repeatable, validatable cleaning. Rack design can include: jets, nozzles, spray balls, tubing carousels and spray arms as needed.

A wide range of transfer systems are available both for DS part washer or LC floor loading cabinet washer:

  • Fix height transfer trolleys in ASI 304 or ASI 316L
  • Transfer trolleys with automatic lifting in ASI 304 or AISI 316L
  • Automatic conveyors with a bar code reader for loading rack identification
  • External trolley with integrated roller set for floor-mounted installation in ASI 304 or AISI 316L
  • Automatic lifting platform for floor-mounted installation
  • Storage systems for racks when not in use, minimizing the number of trolleys and freeing up valuable floor space.

All transfer trolleys are provided with four swivel wheels and a device to lock the structure to the chamber for the loading and to lock the rack to the transfer trolley for transport.

All racks and washing trolleys are provided with a standard validation package that includes:

  • Two design reviews for 1 or 2 modular configurations
  • Material declaration 2.1
  • Weld certificate and WPS

Upon request, standard documentation can be integrated with:

  • Material certificate 3.1 for internal cart and trolley according to EN10204
  • Complete weld book with welding log and map
  • Boroscope inspection and report (including video boroscope): 20% or 100% orbital welding - 100% manual welding
  • Dedicated IQ-OQ protocols including coverage/cleaning test with Riboflavin