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Cartridge Filling

The SYX-E-C Cartridge Filling and Closing Machine is a compact starwheel machine used for filling of cartridges from 0.1 ÷ 50 ml. with an output up to 200 upm. The equipment offered is for liquid filling and closing machines for ready-to-use disposable cartridges, for injectable products in sterile applications providing security and dosing accuracy for medical injections.

This equipment is in compliance with the cGMP requirements. Need to fill double-chamber cartridges? Dara offers additional cartridge filling machines to meet various needs. To read more about other syringe filling machines, click the following link. Learn More

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  • SYX-C Cartridge Filling and Closing Machine

    The equipment we present is a filling and closing machine for processing of glass or plastic cartridges, for injectable products in sterile applications. Production speed: up to 200 units per minute. The design has been made for use in sterile areas. This equipment is in compliance with the cGMP requirements. This machine can perform the following operations:

    • Cartridge infeed to the working area through worm-screw system
    • Positioning of the plunger from the bottom
    • Introduction of mixing balls
    • Gas flushing before or during the filling process
    • Filling station
    • Closing of the cartridge with an aluminum cap with rubber seal
    • Accumulation or transfer of the cartridge to the next machine

    Accurate introduction of the plunger into the cartridge is automatically controlled by the servo motor. The filling station can be equipped with up to 6 filling pumps. The filling is done in two steps to avoid introduction of air in the cartridge. In the first step of the filling, 2 systems can be used:

    • Peristaltic, with Speed Fill pumps
    • Volumetric, with valveless rotary piston pumps

    In the second step, the cartridge is filled at a slower speed. In order to search an optimal level, 3 systems are used:

    • Apparent level, through vacuum system
    • Overfilling and extraction of the exceeding product
    • Level filling through laser sensor, without overfilling

    The closing station is equipped with crimping heads with minimum particles generation during the closing process. The changeover to a different format can be carried out quickly, easily and without tools, by exchanging complete sets of format parts.

    Feeding of the closures is done automatically by vibrating feeders, made in AISI-316L stainless steel.

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