TE 20 Tablet Elevator

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The TE 20 tablet elevator features an innovative patented magnetic lift that improves cleanability. Worker ergonomics are improved by allowing an operator to fill the tablet hopper at a comfortable height. The elevator then lifts a transport bucket to feed a tablet counter or blister machine at speeds up to 20,000 products per minute.

A vibration-free stepper-driven rotary gate feeder transfers product from the hopper to a transport bucket greatly reducing noise. A transfer chute with sieve and vacuum capability collects dust and chips which is especially important for uncoated tablets. The TE 20 tablet elevator includes a 4 cu.ft. (113L) stainless steel hopper with an optional extension to double capacity to 8 cu.ft. (226L).


*Patented Magnetically coupled lift mechanism (US Patent No. 10,214,368 & CAN Patent No. 2,909,571)