Model TE-20 Tablet Elevator

The Model TE-20 Tablet Elevator improves worker ergonomics by allowing an operator to fill the tablet hopper at a comfortable height. The elevator then lifts a bucket to feed a tablet counter or blister machine.

A stepper-driven rotary gate feeder transfers product from the hopper to a small bucket via a chute with sieve holes and a vacuum system that collects dust and chips, which is especially important for uncoated tablets. Benefits include a 4 cu. ft. stainless steel hopper capacity with the option of an extension to double capacity up to 8 cu. ft.

Elevating the bucket at speeds of two cycles per minute, handling 20,000 tablets per minute, within a compact footprint that is only 48 inches (122 cm) long and 27 inches (69 cm) wide. The standard hopper offers approximately 9 minutes of autonomy, depending on the tablet size, when running at its maximum speed.

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  • Standard Features

    • Stepper driven rotary product feeder; mechanism completely isolated from product
    • Dust collecting connections
    • Magnetic actuated belt driven lift mechanism; completely isolated from product and easy to clean
    • 304 Stainless steel frame
    • Mirror finish interior and #4 exterior 316 stainless steel contact parts
    • Allen-Bradley Micrologix 1400 PLC
    • Allen-Bradley PanelView C400 HMI
    • Interlocked access doors
    • Hopper low level sensor
    • Casters: 2 swivel with lock and 2 fix without lock
    • One (1) hard copy + one (1) CD-Rom of operating manual
    • Skid with wrapping


    • Hopper extension
    • Output level sensor
    • Contact parts passivation
  • Tablet & Load Criteria

    • Any size and shape tablet or capsule

    Overall Machine Dimensions

    • 48″ (1.22 m)
    • 27″ (0.69m)
    • 111 1/2″ (2.83m)
    Loading Height:
    • 41 1/2″ (1.05m)
    Hopper Weight Empty:
    • 38 lbs. (17 kg)
    Hopper Volume:
    • 4 cu. ft. (113 liters)
    Output Rates:
    • 20,000 tablets per minute (0.42 ft/3 per minute based on 17 mm tablet)
    • Three (3) machine cycles/minute
    • Nine (9) minutes hopper autonomy

    Air & Electrical Requirements

    • Power supply
      240 VAC, 1 phase, 60 Hz, 5A
    • Air supply
      Not required

    *Patented Magnetically coupled lift mechanism (US Patent No. 10,214,368 B2)

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