Pharmaceutical Liquid Dose

Liquid Filling & Closing

NJM offers pharmaceutical liquid dosage solutions to its core of expertise through our partner, Dara Pharmaceutical. Dara partners with us to provide technologically advanced systems for filling and closing of liquid pharmaceuticals, as well as all related equipment. Designed for sterile room applications, Dara equipment is in compliance with the cGMP requirements.

Dara and NJM partner to provide equipment for washing, sterilizing, filling, capping/closing, freeze drying, and line integration.

Containers handled include vials, syringes, cartridges, ophthalmic and nasal sprays, microtubes, ROPP caps, and more.

Whether you need a vial washer, a sterilization tunnel, filling & closing equipment for vials/syringes/cartridges, a freeze dryer, integration of any or all of these technologies, or any related equipment, the NJM/Dara partnership is an ideal supplier; we provide among the most technologically advanced production machinery available for liquid pharmaceuticals and biotech products.

SX 310 PP Press Release Photo
Dara SX-310 PP Syringe Filling & Closing