ProMach Innovation Center

Custom Equipment Design

ProMach's Innovation Center offers solutions adapted for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food processing and chemical industries. Standard equipment doesn't necessarily respond to all automated applications. Major corporations put their trust in our Innovation Center during their project development. We have the engineering expertise and infrastructure to design and make specific and complex equipment to meet your project needs.

There are many reasons for turning to automation: lack of capacity, costs, quality, safety and more. Our Innovation Center examines your particular needs to find the standard equipment you will need or to create custom-made solutions to meet your requirements.

Designer and Integrator of Packaging Solutions

We design and integrate custom packaging solutions, with more than 450 turnkey packaging projects successfully completed across the entire packaging line. Customized solutions include tablet elevators, bottle packaging, pick and place robotics, pepperoni peeling, palletizing, and so much more. Our team of professionals boasts deep expertise in mechanical, electrical, and controls engineering, and partners with customers to design and develop both custom machines, as well as standard equipment.

The Innovation Center exists to contribute and increase the productivity of your company, setting you apart from the integrators who exist in the industry by its capacity to design automated solutions requiring mechanical designs and system controls.

Our qualified team is composed of more than 20 engineers specializing in automation. They utilize their experiences to understand, design and find solutions to your challenges in your packaging lines. We employ a team of engineers and technicians qualified in system controls and mechanical design that offer a complete range of automation services including industrial robotics, custom designed equipment, line optimization, equipment integration, installation, and project management.

The simplest ideas are usually the most ingenious. ProMach Innovation Center is your partner of choice to understand and propose turn-key packaging solutions.

ProMach Innovation Center Distinguished

  • Our work is of remarkable quality (organization, planning, design, installation, testing);
  • Vast experience in production line automation;
  • Wide-ranging expertise in control, mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and pneumatics;
  • Innovative solutions that are simple or complex;
  • Detailed proposals that help customers make well-informed decisions;
  • Close monitoring and follow ups during and after the project: complete satisfaction is a must;
  • All relevant technical documents are provided to the customer; (electrical and mechanical plans, specifications, user interface flow chart);
  • Respect for project milestones and deadlines.