Our History Timeline

As you read over the milestones in the history of our company, it’s easy to see that innovation, attention to detail and customer service are in our blood. Proud of our history but never resting on our laurels, NJM Packaging is looking to the future. We plan to continue innovating for you, our packaging industry customers, as well as anticipating your needs.

1915Martin Feybusch founds Gefeys Machine Company, which was renamed New Jersey Machine Corporation (NJM) three years later.NJM CLI
1924NJM introduces a new machine for making and labeling paper boxes for the shoe industry.
1933The AMA National Packaging Exposition is held with only two exhibitors and one is NJM!
 NJM is one of the 13 founding companies to form the Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Institute (PMMI).
1946NJM introduces revolutionary “no glue” labelers that apply thermosensitive adhesive coated papers.
1954NJM offers the first “no mix-up” labeler to the pharmaceutical industry when it introduces the roll-fed Pony LabelDri.NJM CLI
1964NJM purchases the Packer Machine Company, acquiring the Paka line of liquid fillers.
1966Enabling NJM to offer entire bottling lines with fillers, cappers, labelers and cartoners, NJM purchases the Apache Capping Machine line from Dietz Machine Works.
1968NJM diversifies into flexible film packaging by acquiring Hercules Products and its line of vertical-form-fill-seal machines.
1976NJM develops the Model 304 Labeler and enters the rapidly growing pressure sensitive labeling market.
1982NJM introduces the popular Mustang® cold-glue labeler, a forerunner of many successful automatic labelers.NJM CLI
1983Adhering pre-folded literature to bottles, NJM develops the patented Strip Stik® process.
1985NJM completes a major expansion at its plant in Lebanon, NH, making it one of the most modern and efficient packaging machinery manufacturing facilities in the U.S.
1990Pushing the speed barrier, NJM offers the patented Pegasus® continuous motion pressure sensitive labeler handling over 400 bpm.
1991NJM introduces the stepper-motor driven Model 326 Auto-Colt II, the most popular pressure sensitive labeler from NJM.
1993NJM designs a high-speed in-line pressure sensitive labeler, the Model 334 Charger, which is ideal for a wide range of applications.
1996New Jersey Machine (NJM) merges with Charles Lapierre Inc. (CLI) to offer customers a complete range of packaging equipment for single source responsibility and turnkey line integration.NJM CLI
 NJM/CLI develops a family of print and apply labelers that feature rugged construction to withstand the most challenging 24/7 production environments.
1997NJM/CLI introduces an innovative full color print and apply system for tire labeling; the Model 401XLEC labeler was new to the market then and is still unique today.
1998NJM/CLI redesigns its popular pressure sensitive labeler; the Model 326 Auto-Colt III incorporates servo technology.
1999With the new Model 125 Bronco open-frame labeler, NJM/CLI offers a lower-cost labeling alternative.
2000Meeting the needs of the beverage market, NJM/CLI introduces the high-speed Model 410 Print and Apply Labeler.
2001NJM/CLI develops a new line of rotary cappers, the Model 324 RotaCap, ideal for high-speed capping applications with positive product handling and constant torque control.
2003NJM/CLI introduced the 276 carousel outsert feeder.
2004NJM/CLI develops a stand alone level inspection station to detect empty containers after the tablet counter.
2008NJM/CLI introduced a new concept in capping using synchronized belts to tighten caps with the Beltorque™ capper and retorquer.
 NJM/CLI introduced the 130 Bronco pressure sensitive labeler with servo label dispenser and Rockwell Compact Logix controls.
2009NJM/CLI introduces a Model 400 with RFID capabilities.
 NJM/CLI introduces the Model 326 Trunnion high speed labeler for small containers. Available with label removal system and also label compensator to assure every container has a good label.
2010NJM/CLI moves the Canadian operation to a new manufacturing site at 5600 Kieran in Montreal, Quebec.
 NJM/CLI introduces the economical open frame 126 Trotter pressure sensitive labeler.
2011NJM/CLI becomes NJM Packaging same company same people, to realign its product and service offering as industry leading manufacturing and packaging systems integration, with truly exceptional support- forged over a century of customer successes.NJM Packaging
 NJM Packaging introduces the 277 Auto-Sert™ Outsert Applicator to comply with thicker side sert requirements.
 NJM Packaging acquires a significant portion of Jalbert Automation that specializes in custom engineering, line optimization and automation for the Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic and Personal Care industries.
2012NJM Packaging launches all new English & French websites, with a Spanish Landing Page.
 This all NEW Model 426 AUTOCOLT™ Labeler is a state-of-the-art, high speed machine designed for servo, multi panel labeling with optional outserting available.
 NJM Packaging introduces the expanded AUTOSERT™ Family of hot melt glue outsert applicators. The Model 277 TOPSERT or Model 277 SIDESERT can apply the widest range of outsert sizes including the thickest pieces of folded literature.
2013NJM launched our new Blog titled: Not JustMachines. The BLOG is available from our website at www.njmpackaging.com/blog. The name reflects what we offer to the packaging industry: we are so much more than a machine supplier.
 New Model 326 AUTOCOLT™ IV high speed trunnion labeler is the 5th generation AUTOCOLT offering ultimate versatility with servo driven labeling precision at speeds up to 400/min.
New Model 402 Print & Apply labeler achieves vertical and horizontal labeling of cases, cartons and bags at speeds up to 60/min.  The 402 offers a simple operation with fewer moving parts, a smaller footprint at an affordable cost. 
 Our latest engineered Bottle Tracker serves as a container transport system. This tracker is used for inspecting/coding/associating serialized label and tracking code on the container to comply with your e-Pedigree Serialization implementation.
 The newest servo orienting wrap belt for AUTOCOLT labelers is a system allowing the labeler to apply a label to a round container and align it correctly in order to receive a glue outsert on the open area of the labeled container.