Labelers & Labelling Solutions

Applying Excellence

NJM Packaging labelers are customized for particular labelling applications, but all are built in the same way: to be robust, reliable and versatile. Stainless steel construction, electronic controls, and up-to-date container handling features mean that your NJM labeler will become a trusted part of your labelling operation, throughout its long service life.

426 Full View Top Picture Model 426 AUTOCOLT

This high speed, in-line labeler is our newest pressure sensitive machine that is ideal for solid dose pharmaceutical labeling.


The 5th generation Model 326 AUTOCOLT™ IV labeler offers the ultimate in versatility, as well as servo-driven labeling precision.

Model 326 AUTOCOLT IV Trunnion Labeler Model 326 AUTOCOLT IV TRUNNION

This pressure sensitive labeler features a servo-driven trunnion roll system for a high level of labeling accuracy at speeds of up to 400 cpm.

Model 130 BRONCO

The highly versatile, pressure sensitive labeler is ideal for cosmetic, personal care, and household chemical labelers, as well as for contract packagers and the pharmaceutical industry.

Model 126 TROTTER

Our versatile pressure sensitive labelers are ideal for cosmetic, personal care and household chemical applications, as well as contract packagers and the pharmaceutical packaging industry.

Model 126 TROTTER W Labeler Model 126 TROTTER W

This new pressure sensitive labeler is dedicated to wrap-around labeling of round containers. It is a versatile machine ideal for pharmaceutical, cosmetic, personal care, and household chemical applications, as well as contract packagers.

Model 120 MINICOLT

This wrap-around pressure sensitive labeler is affordable, compact and accurate. It applies labels to round containers at speeds of up to 100 cpm.

Model 315 Mustang™

This plain paper, cold glue labeler for round containers eliminates label change parts and features a stationary label hopper for easy filling/loading while the machine is running at speeds of up to 250 cpm.

Model 251 Labeling Head

Our label dispenser is mounted on a portable stand, enabling it to move quickly and easily from one location to another as needed to maximize plant productivity.

Model 276 CAROUSEL Outsert Feeder

This Outsert Feeder helps packagers economically comply with new outsert regulation standards. The unit features a carousel design significantly boosting the component storage capacity.

277 AUTOSERT Outsert Labeling Applicator used for epedigree serialization outserts needed for pharmaceutical labeling

Main Full View pic for AUTOSERT Upload August 2012 Model 277 SIDESERT & 277 TOPSERT Outsert Applicators

The AUTOSERT™ family, the next-generation in hot melt glue outsert applicators, can be configured to apply SIDESERTS or TOPSERTS.

Model 305VP Promo-Sert Outsert Applicator

The Outsert Applicator is a versatile, portable unit that easily rolls up to the packaging line to apply pre-folded literature, outserts or booklets to bottles, caps and cartons.