Packaging Line Equipment and RFID Solutions

NJM Packaging, with corporate headquarters in both the USA and Canada, is capable of being your single-source packaging machinery supplier. We offer a broad range of technology, specializing in the needs of pharmaceutical, nutraceutical/vitamin, and personal care product packagers. NJM also supplies quality packaging line equipment from other leading manufacturers, enabling us to provide integrated lines and RFID tagging solutions. To read more about our equipment, choose how you would like to review our offerings.

Line Integration

Our integrated lines may include high quality packaging line equipment from other leading manufacturers. The third party suppliers we work with are carefully evaluated. Depending on the application and customer requirements, they are selected from among PMMI members, Rockwell machine builders, and a selection of European suppliers.

We take our position as turnkey line integrator seriously. NJM Packaging will integrate the machine and be the first line of communication for any after-sales service that may be required. In this way, the company provides integrated systems that include a wide variety of machines and RFID solutions.
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