Tablet Counters

When 100% accurate product counting is needed, you can count on us. A market leader for more than three decades, tablet counters from Cremer feature robust construction, quality, accuracy and consistency. Cremer tablet counters can handle a wide range of products and counts at speeds from 10 to 400 bottles per minute.

The Cremer CFS 622 tablet counter can accommodate up to four expandable modules for speeds up to 200 bottles per minute. Thanks to its small footprint it can be seamlessly integrated into any new or existing bottle packaging line in the pharmaceutical or nutraceutical industry.

With the CFI 622 series, Cremer has defined a new standard for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical counting and “in motion” bottle filling. The CFI 622 counting and filling system is available in two models: CFI 622*6 and CFI 622*8 for respectively up to 6 or 8 counting modules for expandable counting capacity for speeds up to 400 bottles per minute.

The CF 1220 is a 12-channel linear tablet and capsule counter with integrated indexing bottle conveyor. The counter is available in two configurations: CF 1220 featuring 12 product channels for speeds up to 50 bottles per minute and CF 1220D featuring 24 product channels for speeds up to 100 bottles per minute.