Roles within a customer’s organization can play a big part in the overall success of a project. NJM Packaging works directly with Maintenance and Production people in your organization to be sure your project criteria are being met.

When working on your project we look for a range of performance factors including: throughput, uptime, quality, change-over and footprint. Also looking for a full service, do it all provider, “take this off my hands attitude”, one-stop shopping and expertise. “It’s all about picking the right partner who has the ability to support everything I need”. Primary need: Trusted Partner, Outsourced Solution. NJM Packaging is your full service packaging systems partner.

Depth of experience and knowledge! Breadth across the line means there is nothing we can’t support. Unmatched for the innovation and quality of our machines and systems.

We are here to address your needs from planning through implementation and production. We have a unique understanding of entire production line, processes and logistics. NJM can assure manufacturing uptime, decrease potential downtime and mitigate risks. We have the ability to cost reduce over the life of the line, as well as increase efficiency.

When it comes to our ability to perform, don’t take our word for it, ask our customers.